Saturday, August 30, 2014

Looking Over My Shoulder . . .

Some weeks purr along,
some weeks run,
some weeks race a bit
but this one Roared.

Time not only seemed to go quickly but every day was chock-a-block full of activity and decisions that had to be made. On the house building front...

The time came that we were ready to start on the wall of the house facing the water. This wall takes a mighty beating during storms so the boards and windows all needed repair.

The boards, shown covered with roofing paper, will be covered with new shingles like our addition and...

The windows are getting new wood inserts to repair the weathered parts and lovely wide boards for new trim.

This coming week I will have that all painted to withstand the winter we can feel coming already.

Our angels, for whom I am most thankful, were kept busy this week . That story is long and arduous so trust me, you don't want to hear it in length...

But to keep it short, we had a close call with the rear end of a line up of cars. Sherwin was racing to get to the 4 pm ferry and we had one more stop. We rounded a corner on the highway and there was the string of cars, stopped. We came to an abrupt halt and somewhere on that piece of highway is a part we needed when we went to start the truck after the camera shop stop!!

We had no luck starting the poor old beast so after a 2 hour wait for BCAA to get us help, for which we pay a membership (silly us), we finally got loaded onto the back of a Big Tow Truck and taken off to the Ford people.

Sherwin is supervising from a distance and I am inside the tow truck where there is lovely air con.

Loaded and ready to go...

With the two hour wait for the tow, we of course, did not make the 4 pm ferry. But the Ford people were great, setting us up with the Budget people and we were set to catch the 8 pm.

Cool wheels, right? We were happy to have any wheels but when I finally got to ride in a Flex, I was super delighted.

Long story short... we are most thankful to be alive and mostly well. Oh yes, the part we must have left on the highway where we stopped quickly, was a bolt for our starter. But 'Elijah' is all fixed and back at home where he belongs.

What else happened in our week?

Remember the strawberries I planted in my overhead garden?

They are starting to produce... for which we are most thankful.

And the flowers are warming our hearts too.

I know that everything good that happens in my life comes from God and for His love I am grateful.

"Piglet noticed 
that even though he had a Very Small Heart, 
it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude."
- A. A. Milne

Wishing you a lovely week ahead.
And above all, be well.

Friday, August 29, 2014


This is no longer funny... though Sherwin and I laughed and laughed this morning when it dawned on me what I had not done, yet again!

In July I missed granddaughter Maizy's b'day with my usual birthday blog wishes, the first week of August I missed son Alan's b'day and now here it is the 29th of August and I have missed blogging for our dear girl, Kim.

Sheesh... when we were done laughing so hard this morning Sherwin turns to me and says, 'Maybe you should ask Sheila May how she does it." And that started me off all over again. *

August 27 (was the day)
Kim Goerlitz
Birthday Wishes to you, dear girl!!

She is a great mama to Maizy and Lucy... (photo from files of yesteryear!)

Wife to son, Shelby...

Full of fun and laughter...

And my wish for you, dear Kim, at the beginning of your new year is...

"Love is not affectionate feeling, 
but a steady wish for the loved person's 
ultimate good as far as it can be obtained."
- CS Lewis

*Oh, by the way, if any of you are wondering what Sheila May does that I need to learn? Well, she is my oldest sister and she remembers EVERYONE'S birthday with a card sent on time and maybe even early! My kids have taken to give me the old nudge, nudge about it and I just laugh and shrug my shoulders and promise to do better... (they know I love them to bits!)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Did It!!

For a couple years now I have not been able to walk as much as I used to but since my husband wishes to do the West Coast Trail next summer I told him he would have to train, train, train.

And what is good for him must be good for me too. But only the training... I am not doing the trail. 

We left home right after 11 this morning, drove to the bottom of the hill and walked for 2 hours and 45 minutes...  anyone who has been here will know why we drove to the bottom of the hill. After you have walked 11+ km. hiking another 1 km. straight up is not pleasant.

I am so pleased to be able to walk again... I am home and not in pain so am over-the-moon happy!

Two happy hikers!

Not recommending this for everyone... just do what you can, when you can.

And above all, be well.

My Extraordinary Everyday Life . . .

"It is the simple things in life 
that are the most extraordinary."
- Paulo Coelho

This year I planted edible strawberries in and among the flowers in my overhead garden boxes... they are thriving.

In my little five-tree orchard the 'HoneyCrisp' apples are looking good, nearing picking time.

Love the symmetry of this little tree down by the lighthouse. I had not noticed it's loveliness before.

"Extraordinary things 
are always hiding 
in places people never think to look."
- Jodi Picoult

My husband says that my speciality is finding delight in the little things in nature.

My wish for you is the same.

Be well.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Come Down Friday . . .

"A flower does not think of competing 
with the next flower, 
it just blooms."

Rest, relax and be well.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Love My Kids . . .

Before this week gets underway I have to share my thankfulness for last week. This is my second family belated birthday blog this month. Whew! Hope this is not an indicator of things falling behind here. 

Topping the grateful list was the birthday of our son, Alan, on Wednesday the 6th... 

When I go travelling, Alan, I think of you. You love to do research about travel but your schedule is so limited that you can only travel vicariously. 

When I think of a pure, true dog lover, I think of you...

Alan, you have introduced some graces to our family... you are kind, compassionate and gentle, all traits we admire.

Wide, open spaces remind me of you and your love of the peace and quiet of country life.

When I think of your wild and crazy family...

I think of you!

Hoping your day was lovely. Please accept my apology for being late. 

May your new year bring you all you wish for and many blessings besides.

Love and a big hug. 
God be with you and above all, be well.

"Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, 
today is a gift of God,
which is why we call it the present."
-Bil Keane

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thinking Post Birthday . . .

One week ago, Maizy, you turned 14, and I want to remind you how grateful I am that I am your grandmother. Your lovely ways are treasured and I carry you in my heart every day.

My wish for you in your 15th year is this:

Whatever is Good and deserves Praise
Whatever is True
Whatever is Noble
Whatever is Right
Whatever is Pure
Whatever is Lovely
Whatever is Honourable... Philippians 4:8

God be with you, dear Maizy.
Love from your Grandma and Grandpa too.