Saturday, May 17, 2014

As Sabbath Ends . . .

This is one joyous celebration to God on the Sabbath . . .

Enjoy . . .

Day is done, gone the sun . . .

Be well.

My Garden . . .

A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
Rose plot,
Fringed pool,
Ferned grot . . .
The veriest school
Of peace; and yet the fool
Contends that God is not . . .
Not God? in gardens? when the eve is cool?
Nay, but I have a sign;
'Tis very sure God walks in mine.
-Thomas Edward Brown

Thankful for my blossoms . . . as usual.

Be well.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Clearing Out...

Some time ago the local fire department sent out a brochure giving us tips to make a safer environment on our little island. The whole island is very conscious of fire hazards so in light of the information sent out we saw one item that we knew we would, sooner or later, need to do something about around our house.

The brochure stated that to make our home more safe in case of fires we should clear all large trees within 30 feet of the house/garage. Over the years we have cleared many trees but there were a few that we were reluctant to touch because we are rather fond of them.

But between the fire hazard and the nuisance of needles in our eaves troughs we submitted to the concept and this past week we started downing trees.

The little tree just outside the guest bedroom window was the tree targeted for the big saw.
 Sherwin made his saw cuts and noticed...
that where the tree was split as it grew,  it was coming apart. We didn't want the south facing branch of the tree to go flying off into the house when the top came down so we chained the two together and proceeded from there. You can see a chain going from the tree down to the tractor?

For the first few minutes I stood down there and pulled on the one ton chain winch and tightened it up but when I started to see the tree coming to meet me I traded places with Sherwin and he pulled on the chain and I watched, ready to yell for him to run for cover. We are a great logging team.
 You can see on the above photo how the tree pulled apart and all of a sudden it was cracked apart and down.
 We did apologize to the tree before we started and patted it and said goodbye.
Another day in the woods!

Be well.

Promise Kept . . .

Last week I promised the children that I would show progress of the studio and loft...

So come on up...

It has become warm enough for the glue to work outdoors now so Sherwin laid tile on the landing yesterday...

Nice nosing, right?

As you enter, to your right there is a room where there will be a bed and a small sitting area for guests whoever is looking for a rest.

Notice the book shelves on the left...

And from the studio there is a photo of the staircase/book shelves ready for Move In Day!!

We have more tables and storage pieces to move in.

This is the view from the west side of the studio...

And on the other side a view towards the east.

Come on up the stairs to the most important room of them all... :)

Tah Dah! This is where I will set up my quilt frame and sewing machine, looking out over Navy Channel, Pender Island and on towards the State of Washington.

From the storage area upstairs you see down into the bookshelves and studio...

and again.

One look back at my soon to be Room-of-My-Own/Room-With-a-View ...

And on down the stairs again where we will enjoy our time doing artwork.

So looking forward to emptying book boxes onto these shelves.

The door at the end of the room is a long storage room with shelves loaded down ready to be emptied.

And at the end of the day, upon investigation... well, let me start with the beginning of this story...

Early this morning we had a lovely chat with our girls who are celebrating Mother's Day together in Walla Walla. We talked of life challenges, mostly ours and Sherilee had a great spot of advice for her father. We are always trying to help him breathe deeply and relax and she told him to go down to the park bench, just sit there and breathe. Just breathe, don't think, don't plan, don't do any mind work... simply let the oxygen come in and go out...

Well, this afternoon I noticed the house had been very quiet for some time so I thought he had gone off to do just that... meditate. Hurrumph!

He said that he sat there for a while but noticed so many dandelions at his feet he went and got a tool and by the time I came he had disposed of a pile of weeds! Tomorrow we will try again.

Hope your day has been pleasantly quiet and restful like ours.
Above all, be well.


When I first hear the word Mother, I naturally think of my own and her 95 years...

and I have begun a list (you know me, if I think it is important it becomes a part of one list or another) of 'Things My Mother Taught Me'.

The above photo is Mother with 6 of her 11 great grandchildren on the occasion of her 95th.

But after my own Mother my mind immediately turns to our daughter and her sister-in-law who continue to amaze me, inspire me and delight me with their mothering skills.

Today I am most grateful for my years as mother to all my children (sounds a bit like a soap opera?), where I have had the best education of all. These years have taught me the meaning of waiting, loving, trusting, and mostly letting go. Some of those words have not come quickly and some are still under construction but I feel like the luckiest mother in the world.

To all my friends and family who are mothers and those of you who have a mother (that's all of you) I wish a lovely weekend filled with only the best memories of those times in your life.

"Sometimes the laughter in mothering 
is the recognition of the ironies and absurdities.
Sometimes, though, it's just pure, 
unthinking delight."
-Barbara Shapiro

"It's a mother's job to mind our business 
while we are growing up. 
Cut her some slack if she's still learning 
how to mind her own."

God be with you all.
And above all, be well.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

For This And So Much More...

I Am Truly Grateful

These photos look almost autumnal but just this past week, on one of our gloriously warm spring days, we had a sunset that we could not help but jump up and photograph. The warm colour spread down Navy Channel in front of our house to capture and reflect in the windows on a house on the other side of the water...

(both photos are the view from our deck...)

Last night I made a fresh list of those things for which I am so thankful. These appear in no particular order of importance:

my gardens
the colours of spring
good food
my Creator and Saviour
art - to do and to see
husband who is working well with his new diabetic diagnosis
good sleeps as much as possible
books, books and more books
soft warm bed
my seven children
walks with above mentioned husband
my new studio
old friends/new friends
fresh air
view from our deck shown in the two photos
life lessons
a new understanding of moderation

There is more, I am sure, and as soon as I publish I will remember something of importance... What are you particularly thankful for today?

I wish you a restful day and above all, be well.

p.s. next week I do promise to show you photos of our studio... I have been struggling with one spot on a ceiling repair but it is coming under control so tomorrow I will be able to remove my drop sheets, sweep out the place and photograph it all 'properly'. It is sooooo exciting!