Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Some of you may have noticed that Sherilee does a 'Wordless Wednesday' and I have been doing a 'Mid-Week Memory'...but I think I will join her this week being wordless, so shhhh...not another word!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art Journal Update

For the past few weeks I have found little time to devote to my Art Journal that I started last year with some pictorial book reviews.

But recently I have been going through photos and slides and digital pics, sorting, tossing and saving so I decided to make a page in honour of my ancestors and my earlier life.

Left hand page...

And then on the right hand side...

My husband says I always have something brewing here in my office...I like it that way (and so does he).

Over time I will add little snippets of stuff to enhance the page but this is the background.

Signs of Spring at Our House

Everywhere around us are new signs of spring...the following tell you what is important to me.  For a few years now I have been trying to get rhubarb established and happy here.  One place was too wet, one not enough water but now, as in Goldilocks and The Three Bears, we seem to have the perfect spot. After all that trying we now have 7 plants coming up in a couple different places and since both of us love rhubarb we are most optimistic about our rhubarb-filled summer...

Another positively lovely sign is that the greenhouse is filling up with starters...

The following photo is my GPS watch...that means it is spring when it is out and charged ready for the next long hike/walk.  It is fun to see how far I went and how long it took me...very scientific.

And then, of course, a girl has to get her feet in order so she can expose them to the world.  The only problem is which colour?

"Don't knock the weather.  If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation."  - Ken Hubbard

"Storms of rain or snow are a cordial outpouring of Nature's love." - John Muir

Tell me, what is your all time favourite sign of spring?

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

 The Most Triumphant Bird I ever knew or met by Emily Dickinson

The most triumphant Bird I ever knew or met
Embarked upon a twig today
And all Dominion set
I famish to behold so eminent a sight
And sang for nothing scrutable
But intimate Delight.
Retired, and resumed his transitive Estate -
To what delicious Accident
Does finest Glory fit!

On Friday at Butchart I met this delightful gloriously coloured and delightful.  He sat so still for me; for that I was grateful.

Tell me, what encounter in nature has warmed your soul this past week?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Memory Mid-Week

Some 14 plus years ago my sister, Marilyn, and my friend, Carole, and I made a road trip to Walla Walla to surprise my daughter, Sherilee, at her baby shower.  I was so happy to be invited and was delighted to make the trip.  Marilyn and I probably drove Carole crazy with our loud singalong with Andy Griffith and his hymns but she was a great sport and smiled as we went down the road.

It was a great surprise and I do have a photo somewhere in my photo mess here in my office of the look on her face when we came through the door but the following are the only ones I could ressurect for today's memory...

Isn't that an adorable cake? 

Sherilee is about to cut into the cake with her friend, Pat, looking on...

And here is Sherilee and her friends, Pat and Julie, who made this occasion for her.  It was wonderful and so, so good to surprise her.  Probably tomorrow when I sort more photos I will come across the one of Sherilee and her look of surprise!

Tell me, as you sit at the end of the day, or whenever you are reading this, what is the first sweet memory that comes to your mind?  The very first thing...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

Beloved, It Is Morn by Emily Henrietta Hickey 1845-1924

Beloved, it is morn!
A redder berry on the thorn,
A deeper yellow on the corn,
For this good day new-born,
Pray, Sweet, for me
That I may be
Faithful to God and thee
Beloved, it is day!
And lovers work, as children play,
With heart and brain untired alway:
Dear Love, look up and pray.
Pray, Sweet, for me
That I may be
Faithful to God and thee.

Beloved, it is night!
Thy heart and mine are full of light,
Thy spirit shineth clear andwhite,
God keep thee in His sight!
Pray, Sweet, for me
That I may be
Faithful to God and thee.

Some years ago I found a great book on Irish Poets but have read very little of it.  It is a mere 768 pages so it may take me some time to absorb all this book has to offer. 

Duane Cronk reminded me, on our recent California trip, of the value of the Irish poets, what they went through to become recognized and the beauty of their words.  Hope you enjoyed this poem by an Irish lady. 

Tell me, who is your favourite poet and why?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Book List to Start the Week

Nephew Brent showed a new list of books of interest on his blog and that started me off on a list that is completely different than what I was going to do today...

It is the first day of spring so I will do more than make yet another list but first things first, right?

I had a massive list at my bedside table listed on the right of the post but it got right out of hand so I am starting over again. 

Two books are at my bedside right now, well, one is actually at my desk because it requires sitting up to read but:

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother by William Shawcross has excellent detail and is a long-time subject of interest.  Please ignore the silly "look inside" I could not get rid of:

Revelation of Jesus Christ by Ranko Stefanovic is the desk book because there are notes to write in my Bible, etc. etc.:

Another book close by that will go with me to Paris because of its size and portability, is Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman.  Some years ago now I read this book but it is one I want another go at.  We recently watched the movie, "The Duchess", which made me want to read it again:

Another book I have on order, recomended by my sister, was the newest bio on Bonhoeffer:

And at the same time I ordered that I ordered a few more children's books that I got started on at the gift shop of the govenor's mansion in Sacramento, CA.  The illustrations are fabulous and even though they are old-time stories they are old-time treasures:

So there is a brief list of my books of interest at the moment; some for fun, some for learning, some for inspiration. 

There has been a change of plans for the day.  I started out thinking I was going to be fertilizing and pruning and weeding but here I am on the ferry headed into town to buy my first Apple computer.  Now, will it be an ipad or a MacAir?  That is the question.

Tell me, what are your plans for this first day of spring? 

Friday, March 18, 2011

End of the Week - Already?

Last week at this hour we were still sitting at dinner in California. 
We were having a great conversation,
the food was good and we all smiled. 

Now a week later we sit quietly,
at home,
bringing in the end of another week,
looking forward to a day,
a day of rest and gladness.

For which I am thankful...

and for this sweet taste of spring...

Wishing you all a peaceful ending to the week and a well deserved rest from your work.

Tell me, did you have a moment of extreme awe and gratefulness this week?  One that took your breath away?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid-Week Memory

Prayer for Our Daughters by Mark Jarman

May they never be lonely at parties
Or wait for mail from people they haven't written
Or still in middle age ask God for favors
Or forbid their children things they were never forbidden.

May hatred be like a habit they never developed
And can't see the point of, like gambling or heavy drinking.
If they forget themselves, may it be in music
Or the kind of prayer that makes a garden of thinking.

May they enter the coming century
Like swans under a bridge into enchantment
And take with them enough of this century
To assure their grandchildren it really happened.

May they find a place to love, without nostalgia
For some place else that they can never go back to.
And may they find themselves, as we have found them,
Complete at each stage of their lives, each part they add to.

May they be themselves, long after we've stopped watching.
May they return from every kind of suffering
(Except the last, which doesn't bear repeating)
And be themselves again, both blessed and blessing.

Every day I thank the Lord for this blessing, my daughter. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

Last evening I had a visit, face-to-face, with my sister Sheila May and we spoke of all sorts of good things, remembered good times and parted this morning happy to have been together.  She reminded me of the movie, Paradise Road, and I found this poem in my files that came from said movie.  So I dedicate this post to all good women like Sheila May, strong and forward thinking. 

How silent is this place.
The brilliant sunshine filters through the trees;
The leaves are rustled by a gentle breeze;
The wild and open space by shrubs,
Pink-tipped, mauve-blossomed is o’er grown.

A hush enfolds me,
Deep as I have known, unbroken
Save the distant insects drone.

A jungle clearing,
A track through which we bear
Our load to Him.

It is our Paradise Road.
How silent is this place.
How sacred is this place.

Friday, March 4, 2011

End of Week Thankful Moment

When I come to the end of the week I always turn my mind and heart to thankfulness and when you live as fortunate a life as I, that is not a difficult task. 

Friday night is a time to settle into the glow of the past week and remember all the great days.  I do believe that I should be thankful for the rain clouds as well as sunshine, toes stubbed as well as a smooth dance, whacks on the side of the head as well as the sincere compliment of a loved one.

Tonight I find myself very thankful for the physical world we live in.  We have joined the happy family of Netflix so each mealtime we sit and watch a documentary, or part of one, where we travel all over the world and now are viewing a series called "The Planets" by the BBC.  All well done and very informative. 

This week we have enjoyed more liquid than real sunshine.  For that I am trying to be thankful.

That was the view I got out the living room windows this week.  Usually, on a clear day, I can see forever.

Tonight I am thankful for the sun and moon and stars.  When visiting with Mother some time ago she said that one thing she misses is being able to go outside at night and see the moon and stars and she reminisced about the northern lights.  May I never take for granted the ability and opportunity to go out and see the moon and stars at night.

Tonight I am thankful for all the animals I enjoy here on the island.  From the starfish in the ocean. . .

to the birds that come to our many feeders and to those that fly by. . .

or the even the pesky raccoons that visit us on a regular basis, I must say I am thankful. 

This is only a wee, small part of what I am thankful for.  Since the week has been full of toes stubbed (the flu/cold thing) I am off to sleep and rest for 24 hours of refreshment.

Tell me, what do you want to say thank you for tonight?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Thought on Thursday

For some time now I have been thinking that perfection is highly overrated, receives way too much adulation and needs a different face.  Then I came upon this poem:

Perfection, Perfection by Kilian McDonnell

("I will walk the way of perfection." Psalm 101:2)

I have had it with perfection.
I have packed my bags,
I am out of here.

As certain as rain
will make you wet,
perfection will do you

It droppeth not as dew
upon the summer grass
to give liberty and green

Perfection straineth out
the quality of mercy,
withers rapture at its

Before the battle is half begun,
cold probity thinks
it can't be won, concedes the

I've handed in my notice,
given back my keys,
signed my severance check, I

Hints I could have taken:
Even the perfect chiseled form of
Michelangelo's radiant David

the Venus de Milo
has no arms,
the Liberty Bell is

For what it is worth, in my humble opinion, the only place perfection can happen is in the hand of God.

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people.  It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.  Anne Lamott

Striving for perfection is the greatest stopper there is…it's your excuse to yourself for not doing anything.  Instead, strive for excellence, doing your best.  Laurence Olivier

The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.  Goethe

Tell me, what do you know of perfection and what do you do about it?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid-Week Memories

Appears to me that the wee one in the front there has no hose on, no muff for her hands and no hat.  Boy, they do raise them to be tough in Alberta!

Don't you just love the big doggie in the front?  Nice dog.

Tell me, what do you remember the most about winters in your land of origin?