Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Girl!

"There is still no cure for the common birthday."
- John Glenn

"One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them."
- Virginia Woolf

Happy Birthday, Sherilee, and may your new year bring you all you desire and wish for.

Love, from your Mama and Pa

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo as Promised...

As of 10:30 am today this is where we are at on the eastern side of the house...if you are able to enlarge the photo you will see the details of the scaffolding that we have set up as of yesterday.  You can see Sherwin here walking a plank with another roll of tar paper.

Since our temperatures have dropped I will be setting up in the studio and paint shingles there to help with the completion of these areas...

Thinking of you all as we work away at this week.

Saturna Sabbath

Good Morning, World...

Many of you will have already seen these photos or some similar if you follow our family on Facebook but I had to throw my day into the mix with some twists of my own...

I continue to shoot this barn/building/house/shack from various angles and one day soon I will tackle a watercolour painting of this subject...

I love it with the people in it...for me they warm up the whole story.

Even though I was having 'trouble' with my camera I was happy to be able to pull in these happy sea lions perched on a rock outcropping way off shore.  How do I know they were happy?  They would have to be happy with such a beautiful sky above, all that water around them and no orcas in sight to harass them.

We had gone, hoping to see orcas or humpbacks out there in Georgia Strait but all we saw were the sea lions and a very large container ship.

And of course I couldn't miss granddaughter's gorgeous shoes!

From every angle this little building calls to me.  Imagine living there during one of our famous wind storms!

At the head of the trail to the beach there is this modern convenience...very out of place but amusing, nonetheless...

And then there were some who couldn't stay away from danger...

It was a lovely day in all with a yummy lunch at the Saturna General Store Cafe and all the fresh air...

When we got home I captured the grandgirls and took a snap on my PhotoBooth...that is one happy grandma you see peeking out from the tangle of girls!

Wishing you all a great week...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Heaven It is Always Autumn
by John Donne

In heaven it is always autumn.  The leaves are always near
to falling there but never fall, and pairs of souls out walking
heaven's paths no longer feel the weight of years upon them.
Safe in heaven's calm, they take each other's arm,
the light shining through them, all joy and terror gone.
But we are far from heaven here, in a garden ragged and unkept
as Eden would be with the walls knocked down,
the path littered
with the unswept leaves of many years, bright keepsakes
for children of the Fall.  The light is gold, the sun pulling
the long shadow soul out of each thing, disclosing an outcome.
The last roses of the year nod their frail heads,
like listeners listening to all that's said, to ask,
What brought us here?  What seed?  What rain?  What light?
What forced us upward through dark earth?  What made us bloom?
What wind shall take us soon, sweeping the garden bare?  
Their voiceless voices hang there, as ours might,
if we were roses, too.  Their beds are blanketed with leaves,
tended by an absent gardener whose life is elsewhere.
It is the last of many last days.  Is it enough?
To rest in this moment?  To turn our faces to the sun?
To watch the lineaments of a world passing?
To feel the metal of a black iron chair, cool and eternal,
press against our skin?  To apprehend a chill as clouds
pass overhead, turning us to shivering shade and shadow?
And then to be restored, small miracle, the sun
shining brightly
as before?  We go on, you leading the way, a figure
leaning on a cane that leaves its mark on the earth.
My friend, you have led me farther than I have ever been.
To a garden in autumn.  To a heaven of impermanence
where the final falling off is slow, a slow and radiant happening.
The light is gold.  And while we're here, I think it must
be heaven.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drizzle, Drizzle, Damp . . .

"All was silent as before 
- all silent save the dripping rain." 

"The sky was dark and gloomy, the air was damp and raw, the streets were wet and sloppy.  The smoke hung sluggishly above the chimney tops as if it lacked the courage to rise, and the rain came slowly and doggedly down, as if it had not even the spirit to pour."
- Charles Dickens

"Bad weather always 
looks worse through a window."
- Tom Lehrer

Counting Down to Winter . . .

Here we are, almost to the middle of October, and, as you can see, we have a lot of shingles to apply and paint before the worst of winter is upon us...winter here only means rain and fog but that does shut down the painting department.

Sherwin brought up the rest of the shingles from the cabin and after we had set up scaffolding on the eastern side of the house, he started to throw them up (if it was just that easy).

But it looks great quickly...we both love to see our daily progress even though it isn't as rapid as we would like.

By Friday night Sherwin had two sections looking good.  I only have started with the paint on the wall but by tomorrow night I should be catching up to this photo...of course he will be off and running ahead with more fresh ones.  We are delighted with the results though.

But by Thursday night the rain was starting and last night and early this morning (Sabbath) we have had considerable rain.

Our world is damp and foggy...beautiful, nonetheless.

Hopefully when we get back at it tomorrow the conditions will be amenable to our plans.

These few photos just barely show any progress but we have both worked long hours at one thing or another towards the final goal.  It seemed I was looking at surfaces to paint all week, walls, ceilings, boards, shingles...and more walls.

Part way through the week I remembered a song from my teen years that I loved...loved the twang of it so please, go ahead and indulge me and listen to this memory-lane song...

Now you really know what you are missing by not being here...

God bless you all and be well.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Learning Something New . . .

This past week Seth had his birthday and we Skyped him to give him our glorious rendition of 'Happy Birthday' that we inflict on all our children.

He was most gracious and stayed by to chat a while.  The lighting was so cool on him and his mother that I wanted to take a photo.

Well, Seth says, you can do it right there on your don't need to go for your camera.

Now I believe this only works on an Apple but here goes...

press 'command', 'shift' and '4' all at the same time and a cross-hairs will show up on the Skype screen of the picture of your visitor

now draw a square/rectangle around said picture

and click!!!

that photo will show up on your desktop where you can click and drag it to iPhoto

I had fun...(my daughter calls me a funny lady)

This one marks Seth's 16th birthday...

Hi Shelb...we were busy talking the other night and I neglected to mention to him that I was clicking away while we talked...

Marilyn called from Spain the other day and it was very good to see her and remember the Skyping she and I did from Paris a year and a bit ago...

And Bobbi was busy trying to do to me what I was doing to her, on her Apple...

I didn't get all the people snapped this week that I talked to on Skype but you get the is fun!

Thank you so much, Seth.  You gave me a birthday present on your day!

It Truly is Autumn . . .

Yesterday when I came to my office early in the morning I saw the sunlight warming up Navy Channel and this tug with its load.  Such an autumn photo...the air is clear, the colours are warm even early in the day and though you cannot feel it, the air has a mild snap to it at that time of day.

As you have been following along in my blog you have noticed that I have been staining cedar boards to be used for soffits.  Well, the ceiling/soffit area of the actual carport, which is just under 1000 square feet is complete!  Hallelujah from the staining party and Hallelujah from the installation party!

We are pleased with the results...

Also, in the carport area Sherwin completed the stair rails for the entrance to the studio.

...and we have set up a full set of scaffolding for both of us.  Our neighbour, Don, who has loaned us the parts for the scaffolding, told us he had more parts we could pick up so we are happy to have a full set-up for Sherwin now on the east side of the house and for me upstairs to complete the painting of the studio/loft.

The photo above was taken in the early morning light yesterday so the shadows are somewhat heavy.  It is looking good though and we are truly blessed with the sunshine so we can continue to close up our addition.

This next photo shows Sherwin making the windows as tight as he possibly can to give us a warm house.

Lest you think that I have been sitting on my touché getting pedicures and eating berries as they come and go out of season, I included the next photo with some paint on the walls.

What you see is the studio section of upstairs where I have finished one coat of the finish colour.  I should have taken a photo of my scaffold so you could go ooohh and aaahhhh over my lovely facility for work.

The indoor painting will be complete when I have completed 2 coats over the primer all over. It is a pleasant space that we are excited to move into with our tables and pencils and paints, etc. etc. etc.

You can see Sherwin skulking along the scaffold outside on the east side of the house.  We are ever so thankful for our angels who care for us both each day.

So there you have a construction update.  I do hope you all have had a beautiful Sabbath day and are rested and refreshed for the new week ahead.

God bless and be well.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sixteen Candles . . .It Only Happens Once!!

Seth Benjamin Raymond Chapman
October 1, 1996

Happy, happy birthday, Seth!  

Dear Grandson...

You have given your Grandpa and me so many happy memories...

You loved to play in the lake when we lived in the Okanagan...

I love looking through my old photos and finding memories and looking again at the changes over time...

The camera caught you right off the ground...

This photo marks the first time I saw you taller than your mother...

We are so proud of you and love you...

Just this past weekend I saw your most recent Line Rider on Facebook and I wanted to share it with all my friends who read this blog...

Great work, Seth...I just love the way you make your guy play to the music...excellent!

So as you begin another new you realize you are beginning your 17th year?  ...please remember you have a Grandma and a Grandpa who are over the river and through the woods in a land far, far away, who are cheering their heads off for you!!

"Celebrate being alive!"
-Benjamin Franklin