Sunday, June 24, 2012

Butchart Gardens, Etc., Etc., Etc., . . . June 2012

Last Monday we had guests, Sherwin's sister, Dolores and her husband Merritt, so we sort of took the day off and spent time looking at the sites in Victoria...well, at least 2 sites.

We started off at Fisherman's Wharf where you always see opportunities for 'snaps' all around you.  

There was a moment in time when Sherwin and I had the crazed notion of living in a refurbished old tugboat on Okanagan Lake with our children.  The notion did not last long but it was a fun idea...these homes on the water do remind me of that wild and crazy moment in our lives.

This pussy-cat did not move at all when I walked around her.  Isn't she a doll?  Why do I think it is a she?  Well, she just looks like a lady.

The reflections on the water were great, especially with the colours everywhere around us.

If I had to live in Victoria I think this would be a great spot...right down by the water, looking over a busy harbour and sort of 'queen-of-the castle', right?

And then we were off to Butchart Gardens.  Doesn't this look like a magical garden?

The flowers were not as luxurious as last year this time but I still found a few to burrow into!

The Digitalis is always worth a good look-see, up into the bells.

And it was lovely to see a few iris blooming here and there.  Love the colours in the next two photos...

The rich colours all around were so delightful...

We had to stop for a break and it was great fun 'people watching'.  I loved watching the people saunter by, imagining their stories.

The roses were just starting to make a show, like mine at home.  In a month or so they will be in full bloom.

I don't know the name of the flower in the photo below but it is so unusual...I love it!

Sorry I didn't get any photos of the four of time I will have to entrust my camera to a stranger and say, "Please...?"

Wishing you all a great week and I do hope your flowers are blooming around you.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time Flies . . .

"The satisfaction to be derived from success in a great constructive enterprise is one of the most massive that life has to offer."  
- Bertrand Russell

The past few weeks have gone by quickly with every day jammed with activity towards prepping and keeping up with the drywall boys.

Before they could start we had to tape around all the windows and floor for extra weather proofing.  All of a sudden it seemed like we have a lot of windows in our new addition.

We went through a number of rolls of Tuck Tape but hope it does the job well.

Right behind us the drywall crew began.  They started in our little bathroom upstairs and have been working hard here for a number of days now.  It was thrilling to see the first boards of drywall go up.

In the meantime we learned that the propane people were coming with a new, larger tank for us to help service the needs of a new generator we are installing to take us through the numerous power outages we suffer here.

Immediately Sherwin got to work preparing a spot first for the propane tank and new generator.  He moved a lot of rock and dirt and then brought in loads of gravel to level the spot.  He did find some rock treasures while he worked, rocks that we both appreciate for their future use in walkways and walls.

We had a lot of discussion and Sherwin did some serious research to make sure we were putting our new generator in the correct can see below where he chose.

He built a beautiful wall to hold the dirt and gravel to make a good bed for the generator to sit on.  He worked hard all day Sunday, not even taking the time to watch the US Open Golf Tournament, which he usually would not miss for anything.  He started at first light and was still out there after dinner.  What a guy!!  It was a scramble to get it all together in such a short time.

 Thought I would throw in a photo of our weather this past week...lots of cloud, some rain and some reluctant sun.  It isn't cold, particularly, just not hot!

Our little tractor is the greatest tool and is such a benefit to us here.  Sherwin got this 400 pound generator up next to the new platform he had just built and with a push and shove he had it over in place and ready to go.  The prepared pad is there on the lower right of the photo near the gate to the decks.  Below it is another garden bed for me to enlarge my gardens on the east side of the house.  Sherwin loves rock work.

On Monday we picked up the generator in Sidney and Sherwin had it installed before breakfast on Tuesday morning.   The propane was hooked up and we are sort-of-set-to-go...they had picked up an old tank (actually a piece of trash) from another location here on the island that they thought they could place here but when they saw what a lovely spot it would sit in they decided it wasn't aesthetically right for the spot. They 'condemned' the old tank and hauled it away.  They ended up moving our present tank to the new spot, temporarily, until they can get us a much bigger, better tank.  That will probably happen in the next couple weeks.

What you don't see in any of the photos is the trench that Sherwin had to build from the generator to the new propane tank placement.  It was 25 feet long and 18" deep in most areas and in areas where he couldn't get that deep he had to saw out some bedrock.  Sherwin's sister Dolores and husband Merritt were here at the time and Merritt helped Sherwin, mixing the 4 wheelbarrows of concrete for all the rock work that had to happen.  Dolores had a quiet afternoon knitting and watching the game, reporting to us the ups and downs of the golfers.

The two fellows who worked on the propane installation on Tuesday, were two comedians.  They laughed and joked and carried on like they should be on stage.  You couldn't help but smile while they worked through the day.

I thought about taking photos too late...I was moving plants that I didn't want mashed by their propane hoses in the future so about the time they were done I ran for my camera.

In doors the drywall continued to go up with James and Cory working very hard on those high ceilings.  You have no idea how thankful we are for their careful work.  Can you imagine Sherwin and me up there?  Sherwin,, not so much!!

On Thursday I noticed that our first Tiger Lily was blooming.  We have a special fondness for these lilies so we were both so happy to see this happening.  These Tiger Lilies have all come from little plants bought now and then at a the grocery store over a few it is a luxurious spot of wild colour every June.

I also promised a photo of my prized peony...the colour here is not completely is more bronze than pink but it is very beautiful and delicate.

 And of course, the summer is not complete without roses sitting on our dining room table, cut from my rose garden.

One last photo of the drywall progress shows James up on the scaffold finishing up the installation of the board around our new skylights in our bedroom yesterday afternoon.

There will be remote controlled blinds to keep out the heat and light when we wish.  Sherwin did a lot of research to find the right equipment so we can close down when it is too warm and sunny.

So, we have been busy...too busy and tired by nightfall to even write a post.  Hope this brings you up to date, somewhat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Words to Start Your Week . . .

"Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, 
but go on in fortune or misfortune 
at their own private pace, 
like a clock during a thunderstorm."
                                                       - Robert Louis Stevenson

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Middle-of-the-Week Moment . . .

I guess it isn't the middle of the week any more but it still was a fun moment for us...

Our garage is anything but tidy right now so it is no surprise to find unusual things sitting here and there, forgotten and unclaimed.

Maybe I am the only parent that gets fun out of items left behind by my kids.  When the children leave a toy or one of the adult children leave a piece of clothing I love it and keep it around just to look at it and touch it once in a wait until you get old and your kids don't live at home will do the same thing.  I have been known to enjoy the fingerprints and/or dog licks on glass doors far longer that a good housewife should...

Anyway, imagine my delight when I came out of the garage with this 'Shelby Treasure' in my hand.  Sherwin gave a big smile too.

This is a hat that Shelby loves and wears a lot...when we saw him wearing one the other night on Skype Sherwin and I smiled knowingly at each other...Shelby, here is the reason for the smiling!!!

Wishing you all moments in your week where you get a good, warm fuzzy!

Be well.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Words to Start Your Week . . .

"Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good." 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"

For my dear Readers who love old black and white movies from the era of BA (Before Acting), you will remember the funny/sad/sick movie with Cary Grant and Myrna Loy, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House".   Somehow this old movie rings a bell with us even though it was made 2 years after we were born!

Needless to say there have been a few times in the last year and a half that I have thought of Mr. and Mrs. Blandings.  Do watch the YouTube scenes and then I promise not to say another word...just add the photo below.

Here is a photo of our modern 'Mr. Blandings' making another forward step before we can complete our dream house.  Looked more like 2 steps backward when I peeked into the master bedroom where he was working on our new closet.

We will overcome!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mid-Week Moment

The weeks are roaring by so quickly that I hardly have time to see my beautiful flowers tucked here and there in one garden or another.

God bless and be well as you head towards another weekend.