Monday, April 30, 2012

Words For the Beginning of Your Week . . .


Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simply Sabbath

Creativity . . .

Do you find that sometimes a piece of creativity takes your breath away?  Or, at the very least, makes you pause in your spot and feel a surge of wonder?

Last week I felt privileged to be shown two small poems.  Our granddaughter, Lucy, had a poet visit her classroom.  The children were told about non-rhyming poetry and they were given some parameters about the assignment but then left to their own imaginations.

Sun Child by Lucy Goerlitz

Some days inside of me
there is a sun
a bright sun
waking up like a newborn baby chick.

Moon Child by Lucy Goerlitz

Some days inside of me
there is a moon
a sleepy moon
like a newborn bat waking up.

Lucy was chosen to read her assignment in front of the class.  She read and they all applauded after which Lucy gave a deep bow!

Too Soon Come and Gone . . .

It goes by way too quickly...time with our children, I mean.  On April 20 we woke early and were off on the early morning ferry heading east and south.

(a glance back at Sturdies Bay, Galiano Island)

We love our ferry rides and enjoy the time to either watch the world go by or work on our computers or read a good book.

(pulling into the terminal at Tsawassen)

The road trip on Friday was great.  We take turns driving and I have the habit of taking photos even when we are tripping along.  It is amazing what you catch successfully even when the car is barreling down the way.

(the variety of skies were spectacular)

We are thankful for our family and we had much to celebrate again.  Shelby had his 45th birthday earlier in the month so his sister, Sherilee, made Shelb's choice of food for Friday night.

 We watched him open his gifts and enjoyed his delight.

(so innocent, eh?)

Friday evening quiet moments.

Sabbath morning dawned gloriously and I was so impressed with the view from our bedroom window. The beauty of the Walla Walla hills and farms have been a long-time favourite and so I was happy to snap away at my surroundings.

We ate and walked and napped and played outside all day.  What a lovely time.  It is so good to be together and all enjoy the same laid back time.

(met these beauties on our afternoon walk)

On Sunday morning we celebrated a belated Easter.  Sherilee had everything decorated...

and there was an egg hunt and thanks was given for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Nothing of importance was missed.

(the little fuzzy chicks got the gravy boat)

The men went out to hide the eggs and we all went out to hunt or watch the hunt!

Shelby did a scientific accounting of the variety of eggs hidden and I do believe there are still a few out there for the real life bunnies and birds to discover and enjoy.

All too soon the first car load was packed up and off went the Goerlitz, Jr. family.  I am so blessed and thankful for our family.

The remaining five of us had a quiet, restful afternoon...

and early the next morning Sherwin and I said more goodbyes and hit the road.

We were headed north so were able to drive one of my all time favourite roads in Washington.

And then we came home...with a backward glance and happy hearts.

(the gates at Tsawwassen ferry terminal)

There truly is no place like home.

Thankfulness makes for a full heart.

God bless you all and be well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Words to Wind Up Your Week . . .

"Come, my heart, 
be calm and hopeful today.  
Clouds may gather 
but the Lord can blow them away.  
Since God will not fail me, 
my faith shall not fail; 
and as He will not forsake me, 
neither will I forsake Him.  
Oh, for a calm and restful faith."   
 - Charles  H. Spurgeon

Mid-Week Moment in Memories. . .

Looking forward too...going to make some more memories.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beautifully Done . . .


Simply Beautiful Sabbath. . .

What a glorious day!  The sun shone, the sky was blue, there were little white fluffy clouds and we rested.

There are some days where it just seems right to worship with extra cheer.

God bless you all and be well.

Things Too Quiet?

Just a little nonsense to see your smile.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bubba Watson . . .Golf Hero

When Bubba Watson won the PGA Augusta Master's Tournament today I wanted to know more about him so went to Wikipedia for some information.

We were delighted to see him win, especially after his remarkable second shot on hole no.10 during his play-off with Louis Oosthuizen.  I had been cheering for Louis because he has that adorable smile with a space in his two front teeth but was equally pleased to see Bubba come away with the green jacket.  It was a great finish.

Bubba, during the green jacket ceremony, said that he had never allowed himself to dream big enough to include the famous green jacket so it was extra nice to see him presented with it.

This video gives you a completely different look at Bubba and 3 of his buddies, Hunter Mahan, Rickie Fowler and Ben Crane doing an ad for Farmer's Insurance.  They look like they had a great time making the video.


Not sure what the PGA Head Honchos (they have a rather 'stuffy' reputation) think of this but it is good for a smile.

May your new week be a winner for you, whatever you are doing.
Be well.

Just Plain Living

How to Work Better:

1.   Do one thing at a time.
2.   Know the problem.
3.   Learn to listen.
4.   Learn to ask questions.
5.   Distinguish sense from nonsense.
6.   Accept change as inevitable.
7.   Admit mistakes.
8.   Say it simply.
9.   Be calm.
10. Smile.

This simple list appealed to me, in that it is applicable to even those of us who no longer go out into the world to make our living.  It works for just plain living.

April 8, 2012 . . . Hallelujah!

He is Risen!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Simply Sabbath . . .

Toward Jerusalem

Opening our windows toward Jerusalem,
And looking thitherward, we see
First Bethlehem,
Then Nazareth and Galilee,
And afterwards Gethsemane,
And then the little hill called Calvary.

-Amy Carmichael

"The key to the world is in the form of a cross, but it cannot do anything until someone's hand lifts it and fits it into the keyhole." 
                                                                                                     -Howard C. Scharfe

I saw God bare His soul one day
Where all the earth might see
The stark and naked heart of Him
On lonely Calvary.

There was a crimson sky of blood
And overhead a storm;
When lightening slit the clouds
And light engulfed His form.

Beyond the storm a rainbow lent
A light to every clod,
And on that cross mine eyes beheld
The naked soul of God.

-William L. Stidger

A Week Gone By . . .Quickly

With on-again, off-again skies this week we spent more time in than outside. . .

Made for dramatic clouds though, didn't it?

We did spend one day in town purchasing supplies and stocking the pantry.

We started on the ceiling in the stairwell area.  The soffits on the original house are cedar tongue and groove boards.  To tie everything together we have gone with the same look for the addition.  The carport itself will call for 1550 square feet of these boards but we started on a small area.  Sherwin took each board, sanding it down and...

trimming the edges to make for a bevelled look.

He then sent each board over to the staining station where I made them look good and within hours...

Sherwin started installing the boards.  That ceiling is done and we are pleased to have taken a deep breath and started on our house again.  The project looked somewhat overwhelming when we first arrived home on the 28th.  But now we are back into it and feeling quite at home again.

"Forever is composed of nows."
- Emily Dickinson

Hope your week went well for you.
God bless and be well.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

April 5, 1919

My Mother

When I look at this photo I see a lovely young woman, ready for life.  I also see Peace River mud, scrub trees and mostly, a girl with a giant dose of pioneer spirit.

My Mother knew what it meant to 'take the bull by the teeth'; she knew all about resourcefulness and tenacity.  She worked harder than any woman I have met in my life.

And today she turned 93!  Who ever said that hard work isn't good for you?

"Thou art thy mother's glass,
and she in thee
Calls back the lovely April
of her prime."
 -Wm. Shakespeare

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Many Faces of Prayer

Recently in Tucson, my friend Gail, who knows I collect hymn books and prayer books used by various faiths, gave me one I am most pleased to have in my collection.

The book is "Classic Christian Prayers" and is well worth the time to read.  Now, of course, you wonder, were these people just good with words or did they really come to God with their hearts open to Him and His Word in these beautiful ways.

Prayers in my life are highly personal and run the gamut of "Help me, Lord" to poems I have written just to share with Him.  Other's prayers often serve as inspiration for ways to address God.

The first one I want to share with you from the book is under the heading "Artists".  So for all of you who put pen or brush to paper, who do anything creative with your hands, or who spend time in thought, I offer this.

"O God, who by Thy Spirit in our hearts 
dost lead men to desire Your perfection, 
to seek for truths and 
to rejoice in beauty:  illuminate and inspire, 
we beseech Thee, 
all thinkers, writers, artists, and craftsmen; 
that, in whatsoever is true and pure and lovely, 
Thy name may be hallowed and 
Thy kingdom come on earth; 
through Jesus Christ Our Lord."
-prayer found in St. Anselm's Chapel, Canterbury

(painting done by Dee Frank, shown at a Seattle Art Show)

Have a great week.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Puddy-Tat!

Came across this cat in a home we toured in Tucson...isn't he gorgeous?  Those eyes...

45 years Ago Today. . .

This morning when I woke and thought of Shelby on his 45th birthday I couldn't help but smile.  What a joy he has been to us.  Scrambling through my brain for memories, I regretted not writing down all the clever little/big things he said over the years that got our attention.  

But then I thought of how annoying I would be if I had all those smart quips on hand. Shelby would be saying, "Enough already, Ma!" and you all would be rolling your eyes and wishing I had lost that list.  So I will just run through some memories on photos...

Still my favourite 'little boy' photo even though I didn't take it...

Don't you love the smile on his face and the freckles on his nose?

Maizy and Lucy, here are Mom and Dad their first Christmas together in Canada.  This was the first time we met your beautiful Mama.

Love this photo of Shelby in Paris... they were there just a few weeks before their wedding.

Sherilee visited the newlyweds in New York City, back in the day...

Some years ago Shelby and Kim and the girls came to Mayne Island and we all went out exploring...

With Lucy...

and Maizy...

Shelby loves Hawaii too.  He takes his vacations pretty seriously!  (look at his face)

This past weekend, on Saturday evening, I spoke with Mother in Kelowna and she had just enjoyed a visit with Shelby.  She said, "He's a fine looking fellow.  He looks so good."  Yes, Mother...he is a handsome fellow.  And a blessing to all.

Happy Birthday, Shelby and may your new year bring you much happiness.

Love you, son.