Saturday, July 16, 2016

Looking For the Good...

When I think of all that I am thankful for I find the list amazing. There is no room for any complaints at all. I am blessed with good people all around me. People who are real and good and kind. And on the whole, very helpful, if I am wise enough to recognize the help when it comes. Just this past week I have been very cognizant of this blessing that I did not realize right away was going to be so.

Here is the story to explain...

Some time ago, like the summer of 2005, three of us, Sherwin, Seth and me, were travelling in the truck south to Walla Walla. That is 11 years ago so Seth was 8 that summer.

He had read his books and was looking around for some new way to dispel the boredom of a long road trip. I told him I didn't have anything with me he would want to read but opened the glove box and said, There is always the owner's manual for you to read. He said, Great, hand it back, please.

And he read it for some time, absolutely enjoying all the tricks our new truck was capable of.

Then he says, Grandma, have you learned how the key pad lock on the door works? No, I said, haven't done that yet. He says to me, Well, Grandma, you would really like this feature if you would learn to use it.

And I said, OK, tell me how it works. Seth proceeded to teach me and I smiled and said Thanks and sort of just went on with life.

We still have the same 2004 truck and we still love it. It has served us well and over and over I use that feature on the driver's door a lot.

Now there is more than one blessing in this story.
1. A bright grandson who loves to teach me things.
2. A faithful old truck that still works hard for us.
and lastly...
3. I am thankful to the Lord that He shows me on a daily basis all the little things of life that He blesses me with, even a key pad on the door of the truck.

"There is an abiding beauty which may be appreciated by those who will see things as they are and will ask for no reward except to see them."
-Vera Brittain