Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Pre-Christmas Reason to Celebrate!!!

Yesterday Sherwin and I went to Butchart Gardens to take in the lights, decorations and pick up a little of that ho ho ho spirit talked about recently on Sweet Tea and Sunshine!

We started out with supper at the Blue Poppy and then when it was just getting dark we ventured out to start the tour through the gardens.  Our first stop was at the big house, so beautifully set off with lights!

But Whoa!!!!!  I am getting into Christmas but I am here to tell you about our pre-Christmas celebration that started 7 years ago today.  When Grandpa and I arrived at the Goerlitz Jr. house all those years ago, there were 3 people there all excited about what was going to happen...very soon.

Here is Maizy as she was 7 years ago today...

Here is a photo of Dad, Mom and Maizy all in anticipation of what will happen next...

Mom and Dad drove to the hospital and Maizy and Grandpa and I followed.  This was a big day for all of us.

When we got to the hospital it was hardly any time at all before all 6 of us were together in a room.  Six, you say?  I thought there were only five of you...aha!!  Lucy was born and then there were SIX!!!

It was a lovely day.  Here is our first introduction to the new daughter of Shelby and Kim...Lucy Ann Goerlitz!

We were all so happy we laughed and cried with delight.  What a day.  Oh happy day!  The nurse had to do important stuff like take a print of Lucy's feet...

While Maizy and I scrunched into the corner we talked quietly so Mom and Lucy could sleep. Grandpa was there too but we didn't get a picture of him that day...he was the photographer. 

Mom was pretty sleepy but she and Dad phoned Tibi and Lee to give them the good news.

We have so many happy memories of that time.  And for the past seven years we have watched Lucy grow into a lovely young girl.  We have had such great times together.  Lucy loves the hot tub...

Lucy loves Grandpa's tractor and one day will drive it all by herself.

It has been a lot of fun to watch you grow Lucy.  

So we are here, dear Lucy, to wish you a happy, happy day! 
We both love you.
We wish you an exciting new year.
Love and hugs, Grandma and Grandpa


  1. What a nice tribute to one of your beautiful grandchildren--I know they are all wonderful and the delight of your lives!!!!

  2. Hold on, let me get a tissue.....OK, I'm back. That was beautiful. What a gift you just gave someone who showed up just two months later to hold that precious Lucy and play with her beautiful and sweet big sister. What a blessing this family has been to me. Thank you.
    Happy Holidays! Summer

  3. So so sweet, that Lucy girl is! Can't wait to hear her giggle in person later this week!

    Oh and what a dear big sister Maizy was and is! Love the pictures, Grandma. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

  4. What a lovely story! You have a rich full life!!