Thursday, September 8, 2011

Idea of the Week

On the mornings when I know I have to catch the early ferry I tend to wake early and watch CNBC for a while.  Not always do I get a 'take-away' from my viewing experience but this morning was different.  This idea captured me and will be with me a long time, I hope.

Loosely paraphrased idea:

" in such a way that you could put your initials on your day just as ancient artisans put their initials on their work.  Make your day a work of art."                 -Thomas Friedman

I do have to laugh because I had a number of incidents in town today where I could easily have made the day one I would not want to claim my own, but now I am on the ferry heading home with ocean breezes clearing my addled brain.


  1. That is a great idea, indeed! Some days might end up in the trash bin, but other days you could post on the wall, for sure!

  2. Some days are diamonds... others are stone.

    But there is more chance of having a diamond and catching that ray of light that comes thru the crack if you have a positive attitude.

    It is often us who make the difference between a good day and crumby one... and it is a cinch if you give up on looking on the bright side of life you will be looking the wrong way when the light comes thru the crack behind you.