Thursday, June 14, 2012

Middle-of-the-Week Moment . . .

I guess it isn't the middle of the week any more but it still was a fun moment for us...

Our garage is anything but tidy right now so it is no surprise to find unusual things sitting here and there, forgotten and unclaimed.

Maybe I am the only parent that gets fun out of items left behind by my kids.  When the children leave a toy or one of the adult children leave a piece of clothing I love it and keep it around just to look at it and touch it once in a wait until you get old and your kids don't live at home will do the same thing.  I have been known to enjoy the fingerprints and/or dog licks on glass doors far longer that a good housewife should...

Anyway, imagine my delight when I came out of the garage with this 'Shelby Treasure' in my hand.  Sherwin gave a big smile too.

This is a hat that Shelby loves and wears a lot...when we saw him wearing one the other night on Skype Sherwin and I smiled knowingly at each other...Shelby, here is the reason for the smiling!!!

Wishing you all moments in your week where you get a good, warm fuzzy!

Be well.


  1. I wrote a poem not long ago about the trail Seth leaves around the house, and how I spend a few days after he's gone to his dad's just savoring the putting away... it's a bittersweet thing, all the memories attached to things...

  2. that's where my hat went! and that's why you guys were so coy on the skypemachine.. ha! I have about 8 bunny hats so there are always a couple on "an adventure". I'm glad this one is safe. My 2008 hats are esp. favorite.. In the grand order of my bunny hats, this one is #2! The members-only 2012 hats are green and red and Kim thinks I should put a propeller on top..