Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas to Me... and You

The first Sunday after our arrival in our southern home we talked about our schedule for the new week/month. I mentioned to Sherwin that I knew what we could do for each other for Christmas. The pocket book doesn't allow for much creative foolery so whatever we would do should be somewhat practical.

I suggested that I needed a book case for my slowly growing library here and he needed a new printer for his office. 

Well, that's great, said he, I can make you a book case! He would build it right into the wall.

My first thought was not at all complimentary to my husband's talent for dumpster diving but as he described what he would do I realized what a good idea he had.

Within 30 minutes of this conversation there was a 5'x3' hole in the wall in the living room with electrical wires staring us in the face!

No problem... Sherwin knew what to do and had the electrics fixed in no time. Speaking of dumpster diving, the truth of the matter was, all the wood and drywall came from a dumpster somewhere here our subdivision. There is still lots of new construction going on in one corner or another of the place and Sherwin knew what he needed. 

He ended up buying some nails, mud for the dry wall, round edge corner bead to match the rest of the place and some new paint. 

And it is a thing of beauty.

Within a week from beginning construction the book case was ready to be used.

What a lovely addition to our house. It looks like it has always been here, done by a professional. Yes, I am very thankful for my ingenious, resourceful husband!

And Merry Christmas to you too. Oh yes, Sherwin is enjoying his new printer in the office.

Good wishes to all and to all a good night.
Be well.

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