Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surprise Over the Hill

This morning while the three of us were out walking just below the gate area, we were chatting away and looking toward the road where it drops on down the hill. If I would have had my iPhone out of my pocket I would have snapped a photo of our morning surprise.

Just as this road crests there was a young buck coming towards us. He stood there as transfixed as we all were. I looked at both Sherwin and Seth's faces for reaction and it was sheer delight for all of us.

Of course he was off and running before I could capture him but seconds later he popped up over the edge of the road right in front of us. He was as curious about us as we were about him.

We stood still, I talked to him softly while I got my phone ready to shoot him. He stood there and stared at us for at least 10-15 seconds. He was magnificent.

Then he turned as was gone.

I am always so thankful for these brief moments I get with the wildlife around here. We have had close encounters with a few different species this summer already and it has been so thrilling.

Hope your week has some surprises (good ones) too.

Above all, be well.

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