Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8: Memories

I Remember Dresses . . .

I have the fondest remembrances of dresses.  As a girl I seldom wore trousers. It wasn't as though others didn't wear trousers... my sisters and I were raised to wear dresses. Before I became a teenager I don't remember chaffing at the idea but slowly went to pants as an adult.

I did not find a photo of my favourite dress... a turquoise and chocolate brown sundress with a bolero to match. Loved it. But here are just 4 photos I found in my files of me as a kid in a dress... I think you will recognize me in each of the groupings.

Here I am with my 'cousins' in Saskatchewan way back when . . . in a little cotton dress.

Don't you love this photo of me and my folks? That is cousin Fred with us in the photo... and where Marilyn is, I do not know.

That is me on the bottom step.
Don't you think I look like 'Scout' from "To Kill A Mockingbird"?

Love that photo of my father.

Here we all are, Marilyn included, at Uncle Leonard and Aunt Mary's. The two men in the photo are two of my mother's three brothers. Standing is Leonard and sitting on the step is Roland. Fond, fond memories of those uncles. That silly grin on my face just about took this photo out of the running but I loved all the other people's smiles so here it is... Mother smiled a lot when she was with her brothers and Roland can still get her to laugh easier than anyone else I know.

The four sisters happened to all be home at one time... that was one of my favourite dresses as a late teen. It was store-bought, purchased on my own. I must be almost 18 at this time.

"Over the years I have learned 
that what is important in a dress 
is the woman who is wearing it."  
Yves Saint-Laurent

For these memories, I am grateful.

Be well and stay in touch.


  1. Love the "silly grin" photo. Clearly Aunty M didn't get ALL the mischief in the family . And I agree -- your b/w dress is pretty cool. If I wore dresses I would definitely want that one. Reminds me of my favorite viking sweater that I'm wearing right now..

    1. Thanks Shelby… Marilyn continues to thank me for paving the way for her.

      Glad you like that Viking sweater. Comfort is more and more important to me too.

  2. That last photo is a real keeper. It was the dress you wore when you got your photo taken to give to me.

    I remember you telling me that dress was an Albert Nippon… and that was before Nippon really stuck it big in women's fashion.

    Wearing the dress gave you confidence. What a precious memory!

    1. I bought that dress in a shop in Red Deer. And I can remember the feeling of finding it, trying it on and wearing it. Had never had a silk dress before. It was a Wow moment!