Friday, March 20, 2015

Company No. 3

"For a host, above all, must be kind to his guests." - Dr. Seuss

Not sure that touring our guests around is their idea of kindness but we don't want anyone to be bored, you know.

So the day after Roger and Lori Moren flew into Tucson we took them on a trip out east to St. David's monastery and on to Tombstone. Stay with me, those of you who have seen my Tombstone blog not that long ago with the Goerlitz Jr. family, because I have new photos, totally not seen before on this blog (I think).

We started by stopping at St. David and visiting Holy Trinity Monastery of the Benedictine order of monks. They have a sweet little church there, not at all pretentious, just very comforting and welcoming.

As a lover of iconic art I get a bit of a fix.

There must be a reason for the Star of David to show up in a Catholic church... must Google it up.

And the view from the entrance.

From the highway you can see this cross from some distance. It must stand 60-70 feet and is impressive.

Roger thought it was a battle of lions vs. the christians, I think.

And on to Tombstone.

Last time we were here I had noticed this car and being a car lover of sorts (some would say, car snob) I had to spend some time there taking a serious look at this old hearse. You can see it is a 1939 Packard.

And it sits right near the entrance to Boot Hill. I won't bore you with all the tombstone readings but I did wander on down the hill to a separate cemetery for the Jewish pioneers who came through and stayed.

It says, "The Jewish Pioneers and their Indian Friends".

And on into town. We still have not gone to the OK Corral for an 'official' gunfight but captured the signs on the fence around the arena.

Over at the courthouse you see more of the story of the Earp brothers and the Clanton faction, their issues with each other and more than one detailed account of October 26, 1881. Not all accounts agree but that is history!

Impressive building outside and in...

The folks who sat in these chairs, probably only males, decided the destiny of a number of souls.

The law office just outside the courtroom looks official.

And the gallows outside in the back yard of the courthouse look pretty official too.

The sign says 7 men died. I guess all the other 'bad guys' in town just got shot and buried without trial?

Lori awaiting her turn at the gallows.

Nice architecture.

And, of course, nice horses. For those people on our company list who missed Tombstone this winter, keep in mind when you return we are always open to another trip into the wild west.

Inside the restaurant we have gone to 3 times now, there are a number of lit glass panels depicting activities in the town. Here is the famous shoot out mentioned earlier between the Earp brothers and the 'bad guys'.

On Tuesday, Lori and I went to my favourite little shopping town in the south, Tubac. We started out at The Red Door Gallery, spending considerable time there viewing amazing art. Very impressive sculpture, crafts and wall art. The best in that town, I believe.

If you remember, I have a photo taken on this bench with the old cowboy, or take it myself of any of my guests who will go with me to Tubac. I am getting a collection!

On Day 3 of the visit we four went to Saguaro East National Park and enjoyed Cactus Forest Trail south.

And my guy, being funny again.

These two lived together at boarding school for the better part of four years, getting to know each other better than their own families did.

Roger could tell me stories of their hi-jinks that I had not heard before. And I have heard a lot. :)

Have to take another photo of my favourite crested from every time I wander past it.

We walked farther south on the Cactus Forest Trail than we ever have before and came upon these colourful pools left after a recent rain. Water doesn't stand long in the desert.

And then it was time to head back to the car and home again.

We had a lovely time with our friends, Roger and Lori, and invite any of our friends to come on down another winter to visit.

In the meantime, be well.

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