Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tombstone, Boot Hill and all things wild west were on our agenda for February 23 when our kids were here.

I am not sure if they just knew I wanted to go there or if they truly wanted to see it for themselves but for sure the girls liked it and Shelby and Kim were great tourists too!

When you first come into town from the north you will want to stop at Boot Hill. Now I know that many dearly beloveds are buried here but it is amusing to see the tombstones in this cemetery.

Sherwin found his favourite epitaph right off.

You will see on this gravesite that October 26, 1881 was a busy clean-up day in the wild west.

The hillside is marked with grave after grave from the late 1800's. Boot Hill became famous for its outlaws and law makers final resting place.

"As you pass by 
remember that 
as you are 
so once was I 
and as I am 
you soon will be. 
Remember me."

We were soon off to the centre of town.

It was difficult to encourage Lu to step up onto the cabin's stoop. She wasn't impressed with the miner skeleton sitting at the window!

Old Glory!

And horses and stagecoaches.

At lunch our dining room was graced with the portrait of Wyatt Earp. one of the heroes of the old west.

The highlight of the day for the girls centred around the shoot-out...

with the marshall coming to the rescue. It was great fun with much hooting, hollering, booing and hissing on the part of the whole crowd. It turned out that the bulk of us in the stands were from Canada! Go figure.

We caught our personal 'cowgirls'...

on camera and even Mom and Dad got into the action.

Shelby doesn't seem too happy to have to wear the skirt here!

Next time, kids, we will do a stagecoach ride, OK?

You all have a great day and be well.

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