Sunday, June 21, 2015

Men of Influence

Not only have I had these men as a strong influence in my life but I have also watched how they influence people around them.

"Example is not the main thing 
in influencing others. 
It is the only thing."
Albert Schweitzer

Father was my first and strongest influence in my childhood. What Father did, I thought I should do... Today my husband still teases me that my car snobbery is a direct influence of my Father. I love it!!

The good and real things that I believe came from my father were my delight in the world around me, my interest in other people, the joy of beauty and aesthetic niceties and an appreciation for God and King.

Wish I could tell him today how much good he was in my life.

Loved catching son Shelby on the fly from a great distance just a couple weeks ago. See that nice smile on his face? He is going towards his sister... 

"The more tranquil a man becomes, 
the greater is his success, 
his influence, his power for good. 
Calmness of mind 
is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom."
James Allen

I must say that there is not a time that I have spent with my son that I have not come away with something of value to think on. He is just that way, in his quiet manner.

One of the more recent additions to our family, son-in-law Alan, does not realize the beauty he brings to our group. He has a strength of character that we have come to rely on. How many times I have said, What does Alan think about this? We should ask Alan.

The father of our beautiful children, the love of my life, has undoubtedly had the greatest influence on me over the past 50+ years. When you have lived with someone as long as we have it is hard to know where one or the other starts and ends. Intertwined is what it is.

One of the most powerful influences I have felt from Sherwin is his creative nature. He just finished this pillar last week. And the studio we built above this carport makes an easy place to hide away for both of us to play at art. He is an inspiration to me.

To my good, sweet husband:

"You've influenced the world 
not because you've wanted to hug it 
and cuddle it and call it sweet thing, 
but because one day you wanted 
to beat the crap out of somebody 
and you didn't. 
You made a painting instead."
Libba Bray

Each of the children that have come under the influence of these men has benefited. For that, today, I am so thankful.

Be well.
With love.

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  1. some good guys in this list!

    I think this is the first view I've had of Pa's starburst. Brilliant! Yep, no shortage of creativity from that guy.