Saturday, June 13, 2015

Seth . . . Graduate of 2015!

The Graduation we had been looking toward for many years is behind us. What a weekend we had. It was a melty hot weekend, weather wise, but we had three full days of great food, happy chats, early morning walks in the gorgeous Walla Walla countryside and the joy of marking the moment with Seth and his folks.

You are a handsome lad, Seth Benjamin Raymond Chapman, and we are so proud of you. 

As we melted onto our chairs Auntie Jane, Alan and your Mama anchored one end of the row of chairs and...

Grandpa was at the other end of the row killing time with yet another Sudoku puzzle.

And Great Auntie Marilyn from Calgary and Uncle Shelby from Bainbridge Island helped to make the family circle.

But the most important reason for being there came smilingly down the aisle with his friend Noble. There were 454 graduates so it took a while for all that pomp and circumstance to march by. And even longer for 454 graduates to get diploma in hand, shaken by the other hand and sent off out into the world!

And so it goes...

It was actually one of the best graduations I have been to. Comparatively speaking it was short, very sweet, had good music and sent us on our way before dark.

During that long roll call as each graduate marched by I recognized a few names of Seth's friends who he had spoken of over the years but when his name was called our row of family hooted, hollered, whooped and cheered like kids. One would think we had done the work.

Seth brings warmth to all of our hearts.

For all this I am truly grateful.

"I told graduates to not be afraid to fail, 
and I still believe that. 
But today I tell you 
that whether you fear it or not, 
disappointment will come. 
The beauty is that through disappointment 
you can gain clarity, 
and with clarity comes conviction 
and true originality."
- Conan O'Brien

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  1. It was interesting to see so many speakers... eight girls and one guy, who all gave short, meaningful speeches. I think the favourite of everyone was by Seth Perkins, who said he treated this assignment just like all others... he Googled it.