Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Evolution of a Room

Once upon a time there were two people with stars in their eyes who fell in love with a house on an island. They loved everything about the place and thought anything that wasn’t perfect could be conquered with time, energy and a little $$$.

Well, after much time, way too much energy and more than a little $$$ they are getting closer to at least giving a spit polish/lick & a promise to the entire house.

The latest challenge has been electrics, painting and new floors for my office and the guest bedroom. Mission accomplished!

Let me introduce you to the project! Come on in…

Here is a view from the office into the main part of the house back in 2005. What all that carpet is hiding is another story for another time. We are just showing you the room at its best before it really started to show the wear and tear of life.

We started by emptying everything out and stuffing it into our little moving trailer.

Now the room was empty and ready to roll.

The best electrician on Mayne was called into action!

When all else fails pull out the chainsaw!

It took another hole in the floor to place a new phone jack in the right spot and at the same time Sherwin was able to move an electric outlet that had been hidden behind the bookshelves for the past 8 years.

When it all seems too much go take a shot of the hibiscus!

Now this does not do the first color of paint justice…it was much more like an Easter egg but here it is according to a very kind camera…what a disappointment to have to redo it but when it looked bad the 2nd day after, it was consensually agreed that another trip to the paint store was in order!!!!

This next photo gives you a first glimpse of the final color which is very comfortable.  For those of you familiar with our house it is the same color as the master bedroom but it appears lighter because of all the windows in this room.

There has to be time set aside to get fresh air and exercise!

And time to smell the flowers!!

The piece de résistance! The high light of the whole affair was this access to the crawl space. None had previously been provided for the addition so that was remedied!

Floors are laid and the shelves are going up!!!!

To empty out the trailer into the house the pots of flowers had to be moved to the side and without thinking how it was really happening all was quickly stuffed under the front of the truck…

And the job is complete. Lights work, the paint job is lovely and the floors are the best!

The lily choir sang Hallelujah!

Now, only 2 more rooms to go.

Happy Father's Day to my dear husband, Sherwin, father of my children (and master of house reno world) and to our two sons as they celebrate their day.  We honor you today. 


  1. What a fabulous project, so beautiful! Kudos to you both for sticking through it so marvelously and the results are just lovely! Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. This is so great to see documented. Amazing work. Both of you! Just love the story...and the finished product. So happy for you with that exceptionally lovely office!!!!!!!

  3. Love your colors--your room looks wonderful!!!!