Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Better Late Than Not at All

This morning I saw that Sherilee had blogged a list of 13 things that are happening in her life and I said to myself, Self…do you have 13 things happening at one time in your life? And of course, because of my age and the isolated way in which we live, I answered myself. You bet, I said, at least 13 pieces of ‘excitement’ are running through my life right now. She ended by challenging the rest of the world to share their bits and pieces of life. So here goes...

1.My desk is up and running after having been shifted from one table to another out of my office for months now.

2.The plants are loving the new sunken garden we are working on here…the shrubs are growing and the flowers are blooming. What a delight, especially after I have spent at least 6 hours today out there weeding, feeding, and cleaning up.

3.Some months ago Sherilee blogged the suggestion from a lady who makes up her menu for a year at a time. I have admired that idea and am working on it. Sherwin keeps nudging me because we both think it will economize my time, energy and budget.

4. Ready to sketch and paint again…a clean desk helps with that. I thought I would have room in here for a painting table and a computer table but I have yet to work that out.

5.So looking forward to visiting with siblings and cousins in July. If you can imagine 75 people coming together that all have a connection to the John J. and Rosie Kandt family!

6. Working on our Newfoundland trip this summer. We have no idea what it will be like, really, but we are open to discovering a province that neither of us have ever visited.

7.One night this week I could not sleep…went out at midnight, was awake by 12:30 a.m. and then didn’t go back to sleep until 4:30. What an opportunity!  I have been trying to write book reviews and am not happy or satisfied with anything I put down. So I spent time online reading papers about writing a book review…read a review of the book I was trying to review and it was fabulous. Isn’t it such a treat to read a well written article? So, soon I will put forth another effort.

8. Recently I signed up to a movie rental site online. In the US you all have Netflix; here it is called and it works swimmingly! Last week we saw “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and this week they have sent “Casino Royale”. We have seen the later before when in Mexico but really enjoyed it so it was on the list. The Ben Button story was not compelling at all. Actually it made Sherwin nervous watching the guy grow young!

9. Finally I have new eyeglasses. I settled for task-oriented eyeglasses for the computer, piano and music stand. They work and that is what is most important.

10. Sherwin’s office is getting the ‘treatment’ this week, then we have floors to change in our bedroom and we have been through our house completely. It has only taken us 8 years; soon we will be redoing the redo.

11. Love moving back into each room…it is a good time to clean out the riff-raff. Value Village has benefited some as has the burn pile and recycle.

12. This week saw the movie “Wit” with Emma Thompson. Have you seen it? Marvelously touching story. Rent it if you like Emma Thompson...she is at her best.  She plays a patient with ovarian cancer. 

13. During my middle-of-the-night sojourn at my computer some time was spent on my quote file. I came across this one and you may want to read it more than once. It begins on a dour note but read it through…it ends so hopefully and full of purpose.

“Disappointment and loss are a part of every life. Many times we can put them behind us and get on with the rest of our lives. But not everything is amenable to this approach. Some things are too big or too deep to do this, and we will have to leave important parts of ourselves behind if we treat them in this way. These are the places where wisdom begins to grow in us. It begins with suffering that we do not avoid or rationalize or put behind us. It starts with the realization that our loss, whatever it is, has become a part of us and has altered our lives so profoundly that we cannot go back to the way it was before.”

- Rachel Naomi Remen

God bless you all!


  1. Fabulous quote, Ma. All I can say is, yep.

    I think I saw Wit a few years ago, but you've inspired me to put it back in my Netflix queue. I can always handle a little more Emma. She's a keeper.

    Hope your weekend is off to a good, relaxing start... xo to you both.

  2. I do love your quote--and it is so very true.
    Getting rid of the parts of us that no longer serve us is very benefical. Thanks for sharing.