Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elastics On The Doorknob

About 15 years ago while I was in the midst of taking an English class at the local college I also had to undergo minor surgery. As I was in the post-operative stage the teacher gave us an assignment. She often would give us a phrase/sentence and tell us to write something to fill out the idea. At first your mind is blank but then after grappling with it for a while you get into the rythm and go for it. This time it was amazing how easy it was to have something to say. The phrase she gave us to write about was...

“Elastics On The Doorknob”...

You’re looking green, my dear
You’re looking pretty bad
She wipes my face
She speaks so softly
She speaks so gently
She shows a trick
Cold cloth at the nape of the neck works
Dear angel of mercy
But I feel so sad
Cry, cry she says
Here are some tissues, she says
Cry, cry, cry.

What was on her name tag
She was so good to me
Her warmth, her suited for her job
How do I go back
How do I thank her
But they wheel me out
Down long corridors
Dizzy, nauseated, confused
Dreadful anesthetic...

At last I’m home
Sleepy, anxious, unsure
Future uncertain
Anxious for normalcy to return
Sick still and grumpy
But wanting to be agreeable.
Roses fill the air with scent
So lovely, so perfect, so loved.

The days march by...the roses fade
Up and about with new found zip
Normal is back
Routine is back
Wait though, don’t forget
The lessons learned
In just this brief time,
I gather stems
And hang the memories to dry
wiith elastics on the doorknob.


  1. You have a beautiful way with words... and a kind, grateful heart. Why is it that we often miss getting the name of the angels that God sends us in our hour of need. Then later when we want to thank them, we can not. I think we just have to watch for the chance to pay it forward.

    It reminded me of my sister, who this past week was looking at the gates of heaven as she sat helpless in her car in front of a C-store. She had no cel phone and could not make it from the car to the store. A black man came by and asked if she needed help. Yes indeed. So when he saw the crisis he said we need to pray. It was a beautiful prayer and then he turned and left as fast as he came. My sister said she didn't know her angel was black! Now that she has a pacemaker and is home from the hospital, she has no idea who the man was or the lady who came out of the C-store and then went to call 911 for her.

  2. What wonderful memories you shared of your angel of mercy--I believe if we trust in God there will always be an angel there to help us.

  3. Love your writing! You've brought inspiration through your words and photograph. What a gift to give and receive! Thank you!