Friday, August 13, 2010

What a Guy!

Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate 44 years of 'wedded bliss'...and I wish to honor him tonight in my thankfulness moment.

The following poem was composed some years ago over our first road trip to and from an orphanage we helped in Mexico...

What a Guy!

Sherwin says, bring me the hacksaw
I say, should I bring the tape measure too?
Sherwin says, no…just the hacksaw
I climb down the ladder
I climb up the ladder
Sherwin says, I could use the tape measure too
What a guy!

Sherwin says, I’m off to work
I say, Oh no, not yet
Sherwin gives me a big hug
Sherwin squeezes me and nuzzles my neck
I wiggle and love it
Sherwin says, you just love a hug
What a guy!

Sherwin comes to the well for water
I am there washing dirty shoes
I see his old work boots
Old beyond description
I say, we get to burn these today
Sherwin says, over my dead body
What a guy!

Sherwin says, for better or for worse
Just so happens, its for worse
I feel so sad; inner desolations swamp me
I say I am sorry I don’t want to be his worse
Sherwin says, what you talking about?
Our situation is the worse, not you, my sweet pea
What a guy!

Sherwin says, I have a real toughie here
His face is sour and dour
He struggles and whines
Sherwin says, I think I’m getting this one
Congratulations, you’ve won this game
Toughie, my foot
What a guy!

Sherwin says, we’re near the border
I say, how can we know the way
We want the truck route
Sherwin says, just hang back in the weeds
Wait for one of those big trucks
They’ll lead the way
What a guy!

Sherwin says, what did you think
Of that last group that came through
I say, you mean all those serious people; the mixed multitude
No two alike; and yet all the same
Single, anxious, looking and so unsure
Sherwin says, what about that guy with the thick glasses
who looked like the kid who missed the bus?
What a guy!

Sherwin says, this is one shitty window
Sherwin says, who gave this damn shit to the orphanage
He storms about and wants to bang something;
he cannot believe the garbage he has to work with
I say, but you are a missionary and you cannot say damn and shit anymore
Sherwin says next day, this is one sorry mess we have to clean up
Sherwin says, this is one sorry window
What a guy!

Sherwin says, what kind of town is this
There isn’t even a decent grocery store here
It looks like a place from another planet
I say, this is Route 66 country
History, romance, stories happened to real people
Sherwin says, looks to me like one big negative cultural experience
What a guy!

Sherwin says, my back is just killing me
Sherwin says, this Ford ain’t much
I say, would you like your pillow, you are doing just fine, nice and steady
Sherwin says, huh, I’m gonna go home and buy me a diesel pusher
Sherwin says, I want a big one so I can pass everything
Everything but the gas stations
What a guy!

Sherwin says, just think of those first settlers
They must have had a big jolt when they first came across the Grand Canyon
They would have been some shocked
What an experience
I’ll bet the first guy to get to the edge with his wagon and team
Looked over and said, Oh Shit!
What a guy!              

-Shirley Ann Goerlitz with love in her heart!


  1. Thank you, sweetheart. Your poem brings back a lot of interesting memories. I can see I need to clean up my vocabulary.

    In 44 plus years together we have shared a lot of good times, as well as a few not so good times. But thru it all your faithfulness and love has only grown stronger.

    You are the good wife written about in Proverbs 31 and I look forward with eager anticipation to the adventures ahead that we will share together. Without a doubt you are best and you bring out my best every single day. I thank the Lord every day for leading us to share our lives together.

  2. Love your poem!!!and Sherwin your comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy--like I said--you both are such inspiration to me--44 years--WOW!!!

  3. Nice! Now that poem has been entered into the public record and will live on forever. As it should! xo

  4. Happy Anniversary Shirley and Sherwin... I love the poem with its full rich breadth about living.