Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a Word on Wednesday

Yesterday morning was my day to change all my pre-paid credit card and chequing account utilities payments from one bank to another. That meant TIME on the phone to go through the list and make the necessary arrangements. I had been putting this off for some time but decided this was the day to grab-the-bull-by-the-teeth and just do it!!!
The time spent on hold with each utility was mind blowing and I was not sure how I would retain my sanity and still make it through my list and the morning.

I happened to have just sketched this little bird lightly on some watercolor paper so thought, hey, while I wait why don’t I try washing in the wings…then the body…then the finishing touches and by the time I was finished being put on hold for periods of time by 5 separate utilities I had pretty much finished off the little bird.

Do hope all the utilities are properly covered with payments but I have to say it was so much more enjoyable going back and forth from desk to paint table…highly recommended.

Here is my little bird…

This is my good-bye for now as my computer is about to go to the ‘doctor’ for a complete overhaul. I have backed up all I feel I couldn’t bear to lose onto an external hard drive but I know it will take me time to get back running like I am used to. So for now, adios amigos, ciao ciao, bye!

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  1. Love that bird, Ma. You've got a great eye, but that's not news. Wish my phone doodles looked a fraction as good as that... I'm still on hearts and mazes and boxes and curlicues...

    Hurry back, computer!