Friday, September 10, 2010

Re-finding The Art of Pointillism

Pointillism:  A post-impressionist school of painting exemplified by Seurat and his followers in late 19th century France and characterized by the application of paint in small dots and brush strokes so as to create an effect of blending and luminosity.

Grandson Seth re-introduced me to the art of pointillism some years ago when he was studying styles of art in 5th grade.  I had read about it when I took an art history class and I do love it.  After I saw what Seth had done I had to try a little myself and since I had a little sketch book that I carry in my purse I tried my hand at a couple pictures... 

You know how much I enjoy is one of my renditions.

Husband Sherwin also tried his hand at this and he had great success with the style.

Then a couple weeks ago, while we were waiting for a ferry we saw the next two pictures at an artist's kiosk and just 'had to have them'.  I love the preciseness of them.

This artist is Lawrie Dignan who was born in Victoria, British Columbia and spent his 'working' years as a technical draftsman.  He uses technical pens, acrylic-based inks and layers of dots and lines.  Just a couple weeks before this sighting I had been at Opus, my favorite art supply store, in town and I saw some acrylic-based inks which came in beautiful colors...I wondered what I could use them I know!

It seems that every artist I see that does pointillism has their own style.  It is very rewarding to play with the various styles that have come down through time.  Rather exciting, really!

So, what is your favorite artistic style?  Who is your favorite artist?  

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