Saturday, September 25, 2010

Watership Down

It has been said that the best children’s stories also appeal to and hold the interest of adults. Originally this story began as a way to entertain the author’s children on a road trip. But I heartily recommend this book to all my friends no matter what your age.

You will be delighted with the way the author has given these rabbits such human characteristics and tendencies. The same characters show up in the warren as do in our communities…the honorable leaders, the fellow who has to tell jokes for every occasion, the bullies, the lovely and wise ladies and of course the local prophet who sees the future somewhat clearly.

One day a number of rabbits decide, for urgent reasons, that it is time to head off on their own to find greener ‘downs’. The story deals with their journey and what it took to establish their own spot in the world.

It isn’t as though I only read this book now in my 64th year. This is the 3rd time since Watership Down was first published in 1972. If you are looking for an uplifting book without preaching and characters you can bond with and relate to, this is a good choice. This book deals with the simple joys of life in the English coutryside as seen through the eyes of rabbits and smelt with their special sense of smell. Expect to be moved by this story as you will come away changed and affected in a very good way.

At first I could not really write a review…I was that moved by the book so I sat down and made Watership Down the subject of my new art journal that I have just begun. It was a good healing therapy meant to soothe my soul.

Happy reading to you all.  Remember, "What is now proved was once only imagined."  -Wm. Blake

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