Sunday, February 27, 2011

Listography Sunday

Seems like a great day for making lists and my Listography Book has a place for me to list my favourite movies. Since it is Oscar Sunday that seems to me like a perfect fit. 

The following list changes as the viewing changes.  If you were to ask me a year from now you would see my list has changed some.  These are here in no particular order just what comes to mind.  What is it that makes a movie good or a good movie or both?  These work for me.

1.  Immortal Beloved   has a story that keeps you interested but the music is outstanding.

2.  Up   is a story of an adventure and having lived through some adventures in my life I feel very close to this one.

3.  Wit   is very well done by one of my favourite actors, Emma Thompson.

4.  Juno   tells the story of a teenager pregnant before her time and having been pregnant myself earlier rather than later I can relate story wise but the music and the graphics really keep me going back to this one.

5.  Slumdog Millionaire    This story means a lot to me because of the orphans.  These children remind me so much of some of our little ones that we have lived with.  The music and the dancing are wildly wonderful.

6.  Out of Africa   is a story I haven't watched in years but the sweeping musical score is lovely, Meryl Streep tells the story effectively and of course there are some Houseman poems in there that catch me every time.  After having seen the movie a number of times I bought Karen Blixen's book of the same name.  The written story is even better and makes the movie more meaningful. 

7.  Memoirs of a Geisha   is enjoyed for the fine cinematography and the cello music.  It helps to have read the book first. 

8.  Chicago   has the hottest musical score!  Probably this picture has the least redeeming value of all I have listed here but it is highly entertaining and indicative of the times it portrays.

9.  Casablanca   deals with the hard choices in war.  And the chemistry between Bogart and Bergman is no small thing either.

10. Mama Mia   I love mostly for the wonderful music.  It is sooo fun!  You cannot help but sing along and dance and love it.  And the costuming is great.

There are the first 10 that quickly came to mind but I notice there are none (or not many) of my favourite comedies or musicals or old black and white movies that I can watch over and over on this list.  Often my favourites are just that because of the lead actors.  Emma Thompson will get me back anytime, Vanessa Redgrave is stunning in Camelot and others I have seen, Anthony Hopkins has been entertaining in many movies, Hugh Jackman has a nice way about him and many, many others are good to watch.

Recently we have been enjoying documentaries around here so Michael Palin is high on our lists right now.  We have even signed up for his newsletters.  He is now President of the Royal Geographic Society.  Who would have thought watching him in his Python days that he would be doing this. 

So on a rainy, Oscar Sunday you have my list.  I am sure if you asked me another day I would give you other names.  There are days when they would all be very noble stories and other days they would all be love stories or musicals.  I seem to have a varied preference in what I watch though I am somewhat fussy about content.  You caught me on a rather light hearted day, hence the list.

Tell me, what is your favourite movie and why?  What influences you in your choices? 


  1. A few of my all-time favorites are Contact, Oceans 11, the Bourne trilogy, Sense and Sensibility, Bright Star, The Hours... can't really put in order of preference, and I know I'm missing a few... but this is off the top of my head, after having watched the Oscars. And oh-so-happy for The King's Speech, that it did so well. Hip hip hooray!

    And I go through phases with actors too, like you do. Emma Thompson, Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Spacey, Jodie Foster, Colin Firth (of course!)...

  2. Definitely a girly list! No Shawshank Redemption or Narrow Margin. No car chases likeThe Italian Job. No great frauds like Catch Me if You Can. But a great list none the less.