Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid-Week Memory

On this bright and shiny, in a wintery way, day I am off to Big Town again for the second time this week.  As we leave our little island the ferry turns about and I go backwards down the Strait towards our first stop at Pender.  There we get turned right-about and I can face the world as we travel towards the city. 

There is something about ferry travel that says adventure, romance, something new but that isn't what my memory is about today...

Have I mentioned before my love for carousels? For the music, the colour, the dancing horses or whatever animal the ride provides?

Recently Sherwin and I went to Butchart Gardens with Morian and Rose and of course we had to look at the carousel...we did not ride it and now I do regret that.  I believe there is a need to still our beings long enough to do the things that speak to our hearts no matter how old we get or how hard it is to remember that time is really all we have.

Aren't these lovely creatures?  This carousel was built at considerable expense and each of the animals is handmade.  The colours and imagination that went into the construction is admirable.

But Butchart Gardens carousel only leads us into our true memory of the day. 

I wonder if this was the first carousel ride I enjoyed.  I look happy.  Father looks happy.  He was ususally happy if he could make me happy so the two of us probably had a great time. 

At this time we lived out on a farm in north-central Alberta so there were no fairs, no amusement parks or circuses that came around for our entertainment so this must be the carousel at the Calgary Zoo.  If any of my sisters could tell me what they remember of this  I would love it.

The photo I scanned for this is in rather deplorable condition but I did the best I could with it to remove the wrinkles but the large scrape in the middle is hard to repair.  But I love the photo. 

Tell me a memory of your childhood that made such an impression that you enjoy that type of experience even today. 


  1. That photo is just lovely. The imperfections *make* it, totally!

  2. That photo reminded me of a picture mom took of me on our white horse, Pearl. I was about the same age as you were on the carousel. It is cool how photos help to rekindle old memories.

  3. what a fantastic photo of you and dad! I would love to see all the old photos you have collected over the years. Certainly don't remember seeing the one of you on the carousel.