Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid-week Memories of Last Weekend

As long as we have lived on this island Sherwin and I have not stayed overnight in Victoria for any reason.  But this past weekend seemed a good time as there was a feature film showing at IMAX on Saturday evening that would finish way past ferry time.

So we left here early Saturday morning, went to church in Victoria, and then headed over to spend part of the afternoon at Butchart Gardens.

We are both pretty happy if we have our cameras in hand and walking shoes on our feet!

We have a year's pass so we are very familiar with the place and love to badger about looking for the best 'snap' of the day.

The Columbines and the Lupines were at their peak but the rhodies were past their prime...

Everywhere we turned our eyes there were new treasures to see.  

About the time we got to the peonies we were both so sleepy we just had to leave and go find a spot to have a nap...

and so we were off to IMAX for four films..Yes, you heard correctly we were going to see all 4 we had not had time to see yet.

We slept through the first one.  We had worked hard last week and were in need of a good nap. The film barely started and there was a purring cowboy sitting next to me. Since the first film was my least favourite of all, I closed my eyes and slept through it. There was a scene near the beginning where some kayaks went over a waterfall and since I am not fond of that I closed my eyes...just neglected to open them until it was all over.

When I awoke "Born to be Wild" was ready to show which was followed by "Wired to Win", a film on the Tour de France.  We can highly recommend these last two.  Both were great pictures.  The animal stories in "Born to be Wild" were both very precious... and the bicycle story and race were great.  Makes me want to book tickets for Paris next summer.

What we had really gone to town for was the evening feature, "Take Five", a story of men running from the law with hot cars, not necessarily recommended for all audiences.  We went for the car chases which were wild and over-the-top but other than that we will leave the choice of that one strictly with you.  We laughed and enjoyed ourselves, nevertheless.

Now since our last ferry of the day was long gone by now we had to have a place to sleep; Sherwin had booked at the Brentwood Bay Heritage House B&B.  

We were delighted with this old house and the property.  There is a large barn, shed and a cottage on the lot along with this very large house.  There were many bedrooms on 3 floors plus a basement.  We were the only guests for the night so we took our time next morning looking about and taking photos of the place.  

Also loved the barn...

and the white lilacs...

and the fine details throughout the house.  The place has excellent bones with marvellous potential.

One last look at the barn...

And then we were headed for home again.  Hope you all had a great weekend too.  

God bless and be well.

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  1. That was a fun weekend runaway. What you failed to mention was that on Sunday morning we went to Future Shop and you got a new Apple iMac with 27" screen. You have been drinking the Kool Aide!... and just lovin' it.

    Needles to say we have been helping the Apple stock price a lot. Since November 2010 between us we have made five Apple purchases.

    It was fun to see you do your first blog post on your new computer! Photos on a 27" screen are pretty awesome!