Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Pillow That Was Meant For The Chair

There is a young lady we call Sherilee
Who still lives and dances quite airely
She cooks and she cleans
She gardens and preens
And she quilts in her moments of leisure...

This pillow is meant for this chair...
Which sits in my personal lair
It sets off the green and  
makes a strong stand
For daughters who gift their mothers.

The design is so fresh and so pleasant
With the flowers and birds ever present
She knows I love both
And she gave this her heart
Which I feel whenever I look at it.


  1. Too sweet, Ma. Love the poem, and indeed that pillow DOES look like it was made for that chair!!

  2. You can tell I don't go on the computer every day , as I missed this one last year! Great pillow and poem!!