Saturday, April 7, 2012

Simply Sabbath . . .

Toward Jerusalem

Opening our windows toward Jerusalem,
And looking thitherward, we see
First Bethlehem,
Then Nazareth and Galilee,
And afterwards Gethsemane,
And then the little hill called Calvary.

-Amy Carmichael

"The key to the world is in the form of a cross, but it cannot do anything until someone's hand lifts it and fits it into the keyhole." 
                                                                                                     -Howard C. Scharfe

I saw God bare His soul one day
Where all the earth might see
The stark and naked heart of Him
On lonely Calvary.

There was a crimson sky of blood
And overhead a storm;
When lightening slit the clouds
And light engulfed His form.

Beyond the storm a rainbow lent
A light to every clod,
And on that cross mine eyes beheld
The naked soul of God.

-William L. Stidger

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