Saturday, April 28, 2012

Too Soon Come and Gone . . .

It goes by way too quickly...time with our children, I mean.  On April 20 we woke early and were off on the early morning ferry heading east and south.

(a glance back at Sturdies Bay, Galiano Island)

We love our ferry rides and enjoy the time to either watch the world go by or work on our computers or read a good book.

(pulling into the terminal at Tsawassen)

The road trip on Friday was great.  We take turns driving and I have the habit of taking photos even when we are tripping along.  It is amazing what you catch successfully even when the car is barreling down the way.

(the variety of skies were spectacular)

We are thankful for our family and we had much to celebrate again.  Shelby had his 45th birthday earlier in the month so his sister, Sherilee, made Shelb's choice of food for Friday night.

 We watched him open his gifts and enjoyed his delight.

(so innocent, eh?)

Friday evening quiet moments.

Sabbath morning dawned gloriously and I was so impressed with the view from our bedroom window. The beauty of the Walla Walla hills and farms have been a long-time favourite and so I was happy to snap away at my surroundings.

We ate and walked and napped and played outside all day.  What a lovely time.  It is so good to be together and all enjoy the same laid back time.

(met these beauties on our afternoon walk)

On Sunday morning we celebrated a belated Easter.  Sherilee had everything decorated...

and there was an egg hunt and thanks was given for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Nothing of importance was missed.

(the little fuzzy chicks got the gravy boat)

The men went out to hide the eggs and we all went out to hunt or watch the hunt!

Shelby did a scientific accounting of the variety of eggs hidden and I do believe there are still a few out there for the real life bunnies and birds to discover and enjoy.

All too soon the first car load was packed up and off went the Goerlitz, Jr. family.  I am so blessed and thankful for our family.

The remaining five of us had a quiet, restful afternoon...

and early the next morning Sherwin and I said more goodbyes and hit the road.

We were headed north so were able to drive one of my all time favourite roads in Washington.

And then we came home...with a backward glance and happy hearts.

(the gates at Tsawwassen ferry terminal)

There truly is no place like home.

Thankfulness makes for a full heart.

God bless you all and be well.


  1. So many great photos to capture the memories. It was a wonderful weekend of delicious food, quality family time and some good laughs. Over all too soon.

  2. Nice post, Ma. Lovely photos to capture a lovely time... speaking of food, I may indulge in a leftover brownie tonight. I tucked the cherry pies and brownies away after the weekend, and now we have them to enjoy! And the sticky buns! Breakfast! Yum. Thanks for a good time, as always.