Monday, April 2, 2012

45 years Ago Today. . .

This morning when I woke and thought of Shelby on his 45th birthday I couldn't help but smile.  What a joy he has been to us.  Scrambling through my brain for memories, I regretted not writing down all the clever little/big things he said over the years that got our attention.  

But then I thought of how annoying I would be if I had all those smart quips on hand. Shelby would be saying, "Enough already, Ma!" and you all would be rolling your eyes and wishing I had lost that list.  So I will just run through some memories on photos...

Still my favourite 'little boy' photo even though I didn't take it...

Don't you love the smile on his face and the freckles on his nose?

Maizy and Lucy, here are Mom and Dad their first Christmas together in Canada.  This was the first time we met your beautiful Mama.

Love this photo of Shelby in Paris... they were there just a few weeks before their wedding.

Sherilee visited the newlyweds in New York City, back in the day...

Some years ago Shelby and Kim and the girls came to Mayne Island and we all went out exploring...

With Lucy...

and Maizy...

Shelby loves Hawaii too.  He takes his vacations pretty seriously!  (look at his face)

This past weekend, on Saturday evening, I spoke with Mother in Kelowna and she had just enjoyed a visit with Shelby.  She said, "He's a fine looking fellow.  He looks so good."  Yes, Mother...he is a handsome fellow.  And a blessing to all.

Happy Birthday, Shelby and may your new year bring you much happiness.

Love you, son.


  1. Soooooo beautiful. Sheesh! You got me all teary here. The bday boy sure has a loving mama!!! xo

    1. He is an easy son to love. Don't know a mama luckier than me!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Awww.. thx for the pix and kind words Ma. I still see myself as basically 10 yrs old, maybe a couple yrs older than the red toque picture.. Everything else looks like someone else.