Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Lessons . . .

. . . While Playing Mexican Train Dominoes!


1.  Misery and sorrow happen and sometimes they happen in large doses when you play dominoes!!!  Let it wash over time there will be change.

"Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional."

2.  There is no wisdom in messing up your enemy just for the sake of messing them up.  If your hand says you are ready to go out, go out gracefully.  In other words, take the high road as often as possible in life.

"He that digs a pit for another may fall into it himself." -Hindustan Proverb

3.  Be happy with the hand you were dealt and do not look constantly for something more perfect to tweek your line-up.  Contentment is a good thing.  Make the most of what you 'got'.

"A harvest of peace is produced from a seed of contentment." -Indian Proverb

4.  In this life, as in dominoes, you win some, you lose some.

"The next best thing to winning is losing.  At least you've been in the race."
-Nettie Hershey Smith

5.  Don't let the bad stuff (like losing a rash of games) define you.  Losing dominoes not make you a loser.  Your value does not lie in a game/job/marriage/house/whatever.

"Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it."
-Colin Powell

6.  Don't fall in love with a domino just because it is a pretty colour.  Use your imagination and make the most of what you have.  (I have been known to lose a game because I did not want to end with a blank!  Go figure!!)

"Live out your imagination, not your history."  -Stephen Covey

7.  No bragging, blaming or whining dominoes or in life.

"It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help."
-Judith Martin

8.  It seems to help not to have to win at every hand.  It is evident that if you have to come out on top in every situation in life you will have a miserable time at the game of dominoes when you come up with spare tiles at the end of the game.

"To be tested is good.  The challenged life may be the best therapist."
-Gail Sheehy

Now go play and enjoy!


  1. Life According to Mexican Train :-) Love it! And this game :-)

    1. You are welcome to join our family games any time, Janet! My mom and dad are wicked good.

    2. Oh yes, come on by, Janet...I am not sure about 'wicked good' but we do have a good time playing. We have probably played nearly 10,000 games of Mexican Train Dominoes in the past 10 years.

  2. You are the only one I know who makes decisions based on feelings toward the colour. And I know which colours you like and the ones you don't.

    I've seen you pick winning horses at Woodbine by the colour of what the jockey was wearing... or the colour of the horse... and be successful 7 out of 8 times.

  3. Pa said exactly what I was going to: Who makes decisions based on color? Only my Ma!!

    Fun list, Ma. Between that and skype this morning, I'm a'hankerin' for some dominoes...

    1. Well, you know you are welcome to join us anytime. There is 'real' coffee ready for you and if I knew ahead of time I may even get the sticky buns recipe out! (and made up, of course)