Thursday, May 31, 2012


For Christmas this past year my sister Roberta gave me the book "Unbroken" and at first I could not settle into it.  At a brief glance it appeared so harsh, so terrible I did not have an appetite for that type of story right then.  But she gave this book such a glowing review I knew I would have to get into it.

The book makes you think twice about the life you are leading right now.  I cannot give it a better review than this YouTube video.

The conversion story of Louis will thrill you and inspire.

God bless and be well.


  1. I love that conversion story. It is nothing short of a miracle to see a life changed by the power of God. To be free of the bondage of alcohol and tobacco and be able to forgive... what a wonderful story.

    Now I will have to read the book!

  2. So glad that you were able to finally get into the book and did like the ultimate ending. Some times books are like that , not easy to read at first but then they surprise us with a good ending.