Monday, June 3, 2013

A Good Walk On The Sabbath . . .

While Sherwin and his brother went for a drive in the country to visit their ancestral home, my sister and I went for a long walk in the local Zoo.

As children we loved to go there when we came into Calgary and I probably have not been back here for about 40 years.

Great improvements have been made and the animals enjoy large enclosures with lots of privacy.  Almost too much privacy, for photographers looking for a great photo, but I am very happy for the animals.  They come before my photo file!

These Bengal Babes are gorgeous...very charming and handsome, mostly because there are two fences between them and me.

Here and there, wooden sculptures are placed to make the photographer's job easier!

Hmmm...we did love to ride the train back in the day.

After checking out the Dancing Ganesh Stone Statue (they especially liked the belly button) these little fellows sat down to have their photos taken.

If you are interested in having a copy of this statute for your garden, click here.  It will only cost you a mere $25,000.

Some animals have a more difficult time staying slick and polished ...something to do with the coat they wear.

Lots of good memories of the Bow River that wends its way through Calgary and is joined by the Elbow River just west of the Zoo.

This young man came along just as I was trying to figure out how I was going to capture this 'bear'.  He was most interested in the teeth...

He turned to his patiently waiting father and said, "He moved, I know he moved.  He did, Dad!!"

I didn't mention to this fellow that we had just enjoyed Bison Chilli the evening before for dinner...wasn't about to make him nervous.

And then on to the Dancing Birds...

Isn't he extraordinary?

There were many more animals, asleep in one dusky corner or another, that I could not get close enough to successfully capture.  But it was a great 3 hour walk and reminded me of a good golf game.  I golf for the walk and the ambience...similar reasons for doing the zoo!

At the end of our walk we enjoyed this bed of tulips...nice to see them still blooming here.

This will likely be the last blog for a month.  We know from previous experience that it is very frustrating to blog on a cruise ship but we are hoping to get a photo out on Face Book once a day as we wend our way through the Mediterranean.

God bless you all and be well.


  1. That looks like a great time. I haven't been to the zoo in years. Now I want to go!

  2. That llama photo made me laugh! Looks like a lovely walk...