Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend . . .

Memorial Day Holiday in the USA is traditionally a time when the Goerlitz, Jr. family make their way north to visit the grandparents (us)!

Early Sabbath morning while Maizy and Lucy and I were in the hottub waking up together, Maizy mentioned that she would like to build a fort...a little house in the woods.  Great...but then I promptly forgot and made breakfast and we went on with the day.  It was a beautiful day!

Sherwin and Shelby had a great lazy day until part way through the afternoon they both came alive and said, "Let's go out and do something..."  Aha! here was Maizy's opening.  After presenting her idea to the men they all went at it with great zeal and by the time I got out there to see how things were shaping up they had made great progress.

When those men decide to tackle a project they both go at it...

And they had a great supervisor!

While we stood about watching them work so hard, Maizy and I compared shoes...

And I admired her t-shirt message...

Before the afternoon disappeared Maizy had a house of her own...

In the finished framed up house you can see a door and windows, even side walls!

Thanks, Kim, for this photo...I missed the chance to get a photo of the nesting process...little rugs, chairs, 'curtains', wooden boxes were added to make this a dear little nest.  When Maizy and Lucy come back we will be awake to grab the opportunities for photos.

"A girl should be two things...classy and fabulous."
-Coco Chanel

"A girl should be two things...who and what she wants."
-Coco Chanel

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