Saturday, June 1, 2013

Leaving Home...

Before I left home this week for points east, I spent some time working in my gardens and taking snaps of flowers and points of interest to me...

This most unusual peony was moved last fall and seems to love its new location.  My camera did not capture the colour accurately...have to figure out how to do that but it is rather variegated and different from other peonies I have grown in the past.

We left early Friday morning on the first ferry out, under grey, pregnant skies!

We resolved to travel more lightly than in the past so we each have one carryon and one small check-in bag hoping to be able to move around more easily and still look respectable.

We are two people who are always happy to be at home but we love this opportunity to get out and go. 

The view from 22F...

And so we are off and flying away.  You all have a great month while we wander the face of the earth.   As often as possible I will post and let you know where we are at the time.

In the meantime, be in touch via emails and be well.


  1. Love the view from 22F. Do you know what mountain that is?

    I have some recent shots from 22A. :-)

  2. bon voyage -- looking forward to seeing pictures from "points east". ha!