Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Little Yawn and a Lot of Gratitude . . .

Wish that photo was me... just taking it easy. But love, love the photo nonetheless. This week, my friend Elaine sent this to me because it reminded her of my blog. Thank you so much for the photo, Elaine, and for keeping in touch. For new friends and world travel, I am thankful.

For the day to day progress on our new studio, I am thankful. The stairs are wonderful.

There are bookshelves on 4 sides of these stairs... so looking forward to filling them up. All lovingly built by Sherwin.

For unusual encounters with nature, I am thankful. This past week while we were staining window casings out by the garage this little fellow slowly made his way across the garage floor. He was so little and so slow I thought he must be ill. Minutes later I looked around and he was out by the wheelbarrow.

That is Sherwin's thumb down there beside him. He came right up to my feet and didn't scamper away when Sherwin knelt down to take his measure. Poor little fellow succumbed to the miseries of life some time over night. He was laying by my wheelbarrow this morning and he wasn't sleeping.

If you have ever visited us here on the island and heard our 'Renovation Tales' you have been shown the power pole we no longer need since our electrics were re-routed last year. Well, yesterday was the day to remove the pole. Hire it out? Just saw it off? No way. We are do-it-yourselfers, par excellence!

Sherwin dug around it and removed a lot of dirt and rock...

We put a chain on the pole, hoisted chain over post and Sherwin worked the chain winch block, inching that pole out of the hole. According to my photos we didn't start until 4'ish in the afternoon. It was a long haul! Notice the nice little tree to the left? We did not want to harm that tree, known as 'Seth's Tree', in any way because of it's great sentimental value. 

I ran down to the cabin to invite our renter, Chris, up to see our brand of entertainment!

Part way through the operation, when we were still not getting any co-operation from the pole, Sherwin climbed a ladder to attach a rope that would help guide the pole down so it would not harm 'Seth's Tree' to the left. I was supposed to hold onto the rope but when I looked at the size of the pole I knew who would win in a flash so the rope was wound around the tree for good measure.

More cranking on the chain winch and still it stood its ground...

Finally the pole was leaning enough for Sherwin to put a chain on it sideways and start hauling on it that way. Slowly, slowly it came down with no mishap to anything; for this I am thankful.

You can see how much of the pole was underground. You all missed a great party!

By now night was closing in on us. A good time to be done that job. 

While we were busy with that pole, look what was happening behind us...

The fog was rolling in again and night was coming with it.

The yawn I mention in the title was very close to the truth. I tried to finish this last night (Friday) but could not stay awake. It was an exciting week around here but with no Events. 

Hope your week was pleasantly uneventful too.

God be with you all and be well.


  1. What a beautiful sunset photo... the lighting on the fog is spectacular! Good capture.

    That power pole was over 35 feet and when I hooked a chain to it near the end I connected to the guy wire from the top. I did a few tugs with the tractor... and then a few pushes with the bucket on front... wiggling it back and forth until it gradually gave in. It was almost six feet in the ground.

    By connecting the chain at the base of the pole and taking it over a six foot post we created a fulcrum to pull the heavy pole up as I tightened the chain winch. It was cool to actually see that heavy post come out of that deep, rocky ground. I've used that same chain and post fulcrum to pull some pretty heavy frocks out of the ground in our sunken garden.

    1. Thanks, Babe, I think this was a practice run for the trees we are planning to topple, right?

  2. Thanks for the update on what's going on the island.

    1. Thanks so much, Alan... think of you often in our day, knowing you would love our peace and quiet life. And I promise you, there is always something 'happening' here!