Monday, October 21, 2013

What Every Woman Should Know . . .

Last week my daughter, Sherilee, sent a link to a blog where I learned '25 Things Every Woman Should Know'. It's great fun and a gotta' read! Click here to see.

On many of the items I have taken the liberty to do some paraphrasing to make them work for me. So now and then I will share with you what I think every woman should know... and guys, it wouldn't hurt for you to read this too. I know, deep down, you all want to understand the woman in your life! Big Smile!!

" Life is a mighty battle but do it right 
so you are still sad to see it go."

What 'do it right' means to me will be different from what that means to you. But there are some basics, I believe, that will make life more what we all want it to be.

1. Be smart... it boosts the self-respect.
2. Be thoughtful... makes relationships real.
3. Be generous... put others first.

Think about it... if I followed those concepts I could come skidding into the end of my life with fewer unresolved regrets, don't you think?

It's a start!

Be well and stay in touch.

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