Friday, October 11, 2013

Memories/Gratitude Mix . . .

'Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house they came...'

Well, over the ocean and through the woods. Shelby, Kim, Maizy, Lucy, Beatrice and Dante all tumbled out of the car last Thursday night bringing cheer and delight with them.

We found a new beach on the island that actually has a little sand. We are all looking forward to next summer when we can make a picnic and play by the water...

Shelby stands ready for the dogs to return with the ball.

And everybody had to take pictures of everybody else.

Maizy had a class project re: cookies...

The first recipe Grandma pulled out met with gentle approval (something was lacking in the cheering department) so another recipe was pulled out: Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, which met with great enthusiasm!  And they were yummy too.

Shelby and Sherwin played some Cribbage...

While Lucy danced... I was happy to see this photo after the fact. Kim is out on the deck enjoying the view and Maizy is reading.

One afternoon we went for a fort inspection.

And Saturday night ended with a weiner roast down in the meadow.

It was a lovely weekend chock full of great moments to store away for quiet times.

" Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes 
and roll down my cheeks."


  1. Thank you for sharing the memories. I can add a few more... like a couple rounds of chipping golf in our homemade meadowlands course... and a tight match of pickle ball with Shelby. We always have great games when we get together.

    1. Yes, Bear, and I am sorry I didn't get photos of you playing with Shelby... promise, next time.