Saturday, April 26, 2014

Grateful for Books . . .

"Many people, myself among them, 
feel better at the mere sight of a book."
-Jane Smiley

At the present time I am enjoying two excellent books. Both are very well written but they are of totally different genres. The Wallace Stegner book is a novel, meant to be read for fun (?), though I do wish I could learn a thing or two about writing from this man. This particular book carries you into the realm of mother/daughter relationships. And once you have read a Stegner book or three you begin to see how he weaves his tale around his pet causes.

And the second book is much more serious in nature. My brother, Morian Perepelitza, recommended this book back in November on our way south. I read part way into it but got very distracted with life on the desert. Now I am delighted to be back wending my way through. For anyone interested in the subject of God/Bible/religion/philosophy this is an excellent read.

Both books are very absorbing and I am going to be sorry to see the end of either one. Tell me, what books are on your bedside table now? What type of book interests you the most? Have a good read!

And one little tiny piece of advice that will be/could be life changing...

"So please, oh please, 
we beg, we pray, 
go throw your TV set away, 
and in its place you can install, 
a lovely bookcase on the wall."
- Roald Dahl

Have a lovely day of rest.
Be well.

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