Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To Our Son, Happy Birthday!!

Dear Shelby...

Every time April 2  comes around I reflect and remember those years ago when you were born. Hard to imagine you were a wee one, just the other day!

But now as I see you as a grown man it is so good that I can count you as one of my dearest friends besides my darling son. When I say you are beautiful it is not to detract from the fact that you are one handsome dude... you are a beautiful man in your heart.

My wish for you, in this new year:

Be glad.

Be good.

Be brave.

I love the way you move through the world, comfortable in your own skin and knowing you are making a contribution to a better place. You have a voice, a presence and a good influence.

Thank you for being you.

Love, Mama and Pa


  1. Such a beautiful post. He is blessed to have you as his mama. xoxo (great pic too!)

    1. I am the one who has been blessed... thanks for stopping by in my world.