Saturday, May 3, 2014

For This And So Much More...

I Am Truly Grateful

These photos look almost autumnal but just this past week, on one of our gloriously warm spring days, we had a sunset that we could not help but jump up and photograph. The warm colour spread down Navy Channel in front of our house to capture and reflect in the windows on a house on the other side of the water...

(both photos are the view from our deck...)

Last night I made a fresh list of those things for which I am so thankful. These appear in no particular order of importance:

my gardens
the colours of spring
good food
my Creator and Saviour
art - to do and to see
husband who is working well with his new diabetic diagnosis
good sleeps as much as possible
books, books and more books
soft warm bed
my seven children
walks with above mentioned husband
my new studio
old friends/new friends
fresh air
view from our deck shown in the two photos
life lessons
a new understanding of moderation

There is more, I am sure, and as soon as I publish I will remember something of importance... What are you particularly thankful for today?

I wish you a restful day and above all, be well.

p.s. next week I do promise to show you photos of our studio... I have been struggling with one spot on a ceiling repair but it is coming under control so tomorrow I will be able to remove my drop sheets, sweep out the place and photograph it all 'properly'. It is sooooo exciting!


  1. Gratitude is good. Beautiful pictures (as always...). :-)

    1. Gratitude warms the heart. Thanks for stopping by.