Saturday, May 10, 2014


When I first hear the word Mother, I naturally think of my own and her 95 years...

and I have begun a list (you know me, if I think it is important it becomes a part of one list or another) of 'Things My Mother Taught Me'.

The above photo is Mother with 6 of her 11 great grandchildren on the occasion of her 95th.

But after my own Mother my mind immediately turns to our daughter and her sister-in-law who continue to amaze me, inspire me and delight me with their mothering skills.

Today I am most grateful for my years as mother to all my children (sounds a bit like a soap opera?), where I have had the best education of all. These years have taught me the meaning of waiting, loving, trusting, and mostly letting go. Some of those words have not come quickly and some are still under construction but I feel like the luckiest mother in the world.

To all my friends and family who are mothers and those of you who have a mother (that's all of you) I wish a lovely weekend filled with only the best memories of those times in your life.

"Sometimes the laughter in mothering 
is the recognition of the ironies and absurdities.
Sometimes, though, it's just pure, 
unthinking delight."
-Barbara Shapiro

"It's a mother's job to mind our business 
while we are growing up. 
Cut her some slack if she's still learning 
how to mind her own."

God be with you all.
And above all, be well.

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