Saturday, May 10, 2014

Promise Kept . . .

Last week I promised the children that I would show progress of the studio and loft...

So come on up...

It has become warm enough for the glue to work outdoors now so Sherwin laid tile on the landing yesterday...

Nice nosing, right?

As you enter, to your right there is a room where there will be a bed and a small sitting area for guests whoever is looking for a rest.

Notice the book shelves on the left...

And from the studio there is a photo of the staircase/book shelves ready for Move In Day!!

We have more tables and storage pieces to move in.

This is the view from the west side of the studio...

And on the other side a view towards the east.

Come on up the stairs to the most important room of them all... :)

Tah Dah! This is where I will set up my quilt frame and sewing machine, looking out over Navy Channel, Pender Island and on towards the State of Washington.

From the storage area upstairs you see down into the bookshelves and studio...

and again.

One look back at my soon to be Room-of-My-Own/Room-With-a-View ...

And on down the stairs again where we will enjoy our time doing artwork.

So looking forward to emptying book boxes onto these shelves.

The door at the end of the room is a long storage room with shelves loaded down ready to be emptied.

And at the end of the day, upon investigation... well, let me start with the beginning of this story...

Early this morning we had a lovely chat with our girls who are celebrating Mother's Day together in Walla Walla. We talked of life challenges, mostly ours and Sherilee had a great spot of advice for her father. We are always trying to help him breathe deeply and relax and she told him to go down to the park bench, just sit there and breathe. Just breathe, don't think, don't plan, don't do any mind work... simply let the oxygen come in and go out...

Well, this afternoon I noticed the house had been very quiet for some time so I thought he had gone off to do just that... meditate. Hurrumph!

He said that he sat there for a while but noticed so many dandelions at his feet he went and got a tool and by the time I came he had disposed of a pile of weeds! Tomorrow we will try again.

Hope your day has been pleasantly quiet and restful like ours.
Above all, be well.


  1. Shirley, your space is breathtaking! Can't wait to see what you create under those beautiful windows.


    1. We are really looking forward to be able to use it. Our granddaughters are coming in a couple weeks and are so looking forward to having all that space available. They are both artists so this should be fun.

    2. You know Linda, you and Gary are very welcome to make our house a stop for you when you tour the great north west!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  2. Me too! I am expecting great things.

    1. Thanks, Sherwin, but you will be right there beside me turning out great masterpieces and keeping me in line. :) :)

  3. Looks great Ma! Can't wait to see it in a couple weeks.

    Pa -- who says you can't meditate w/ a tool in your hands? ha!!

    1. Pa liked that sentiment, a lot! Ya, who says... :)

      Looking forward to your visit.