Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gratitude Multiplied . . .

Where do I start, listing off those things I am most thankful for... hmmmm. This gratitude challenge is going to go for a few days so I hope the rest of the world is getting in the mood too!

1.  Like my sisters, I too am thankful for God, my Creator and Saviour. He has carried me in the palm of His hands all these years and I am most grateful for His tender love and care. Of all that I am thankful for I would have to say this is my No. 1. 

2.  It was nice to see sister Marilyn mention our father today on her gratefulness list. I am very thankful I had him for a father.

He taught me the good stuff. He was gracious, polite, kind and compassionate. I could count on him to 'have my back' all through childhood. And of course he taught me to appreciate hot cars, horses...

and the fact that a dog makes a good friend. (Very thankful for my short time with friend, Scruffie, my little Mexican friend.) Probably, I learned to have a discerning eye for the beautiful from Father too.

My great regret about Father is that I didn't tell him, that last day, when I stood by his last earthly bed, how grateful I was for him.

3.  Today, I just happened to be sorting through some photos and came across some good ones of my 3 sisters when we were together some summers ago for a mini-vacation. You all know what I look like but these are my sisters... starting on your left, Sheila May, then Marilyn Joy (you can tell she is saying, Shirley Ann, put down that blessed camera and be done with the snapping!!) and then on the right side of the photo is Bobbi (Roberta Joan).

They are especially known for their unconditional love. They know me way too well but they still love me. Funny thing.

If you have been following my blog for that past 4+ years you will know that I usually do a Friday night or Sabbath blog on what I have been thankful for in particular during this past week. So some of this may be a repeat but I do know that I have been a lucky lady!

Hope you are feeling blessed and grateful on this gloriously sunny day.

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