Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Day at the Museum 2

Time does fly when you are having fun and our return trip to the Museum was a delight too.

We just got in the gate and Grandpa decided that Lucy would love to collect footprints of the animals of the desert. We bought a little book and then the search was on to find the stamps of the prints.

Lucy looked at the book, saw the ice cream stand on the map and said, Let's go!!

Wish I had a photo of that part of the adventure. Needless to say, now we know that it was actually Grandpa who wanted the footprints for his research he is doing on desert animals.

But it was great fun!!

Shelby and Kim with Maizy on the right and Lucy in front of her folks. It was very good to have them here.

And they kindly offered to take my camera and get us too!

Grandpa got a snap of Lucy and Shelby in front of the crested saguaro. I was happy to get this great shot of Maizy.

Welcome to the desert! It goes without saying, Don't back up without looking where you are!

If you read my previous post of Day 1 with sister Marilyn you will see more photos. I only added a couple animals I captured on Day 2 that I had not before. These coyotes looked sleek and fat. Not like the ones really out in the desert who have to work for their living.

I will say good-bye with this pretty boy! Isn't he a doll! I think he won the staring contest.

Do have a lovely day and be well.

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