Saturday, February 28, 2015

Come on Down to Bisbee!

The little town of Bisbee has been on my list ever since we first started visiting Arizona. I have always been curious to know how time has treated this famous town.

Since we were so close on our excursion to see the sand hill cranes, we decided to take a side trip and finish off the day in Bisbee.

Before we left the bird sanctuary, though, I found a wee treasure beside the path.

Why would this perfect little rabbit foot be sitting on the sand with no sign of the rest of the rabbit? It was clean and free of bugs so I picked it up and brought it out with me. Actually I have brought it home but since I have no way to keep it, I will dig a little hole in my yard, bury it and plant a cactus on top. At least the little rabbit gets a bit of a burial.

For the Sand Hill Crane Story see Sherwin's blog by clicking here.

And then we were off to Bisbee, land of the Queen of Copper Mines. 

This was my first view of the town's purpose. I knew there had been mines here but I wasn't prepared for the extent of the open-pit mining of the past. 

Just a few weeks ago we went to a currently operating copper mine over near Green Valley so this shouldn't have been a surprise.

It appears they have taken all that this spot on the earth has to offer. But when I googled up 'Bisbee', there is now a resurgence of mining on a lesser scale. 

If you turn around from the open pit and look behind you...

you will see the beautiful red earth surrounding the town.

We headed to Old Town Bisbee... 

and pulled up near this sign...

and the Bisbee Museum.

We were ready to do some walking so didn't go in but this morning I found an excellent link where you can watch a movie on the history of Bisbee from the Museum. 

Click here to see what they have to offer. They say that it was the 'hottest' town between San Fransisco and St. Louis back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. 

Next time we will definitely spend time in the museum.

And maybe even take in a concert.

The old part of town is full of brick buildings and old victorian style mansions. Somebody was making a lot of money at one time in Bisbee's mines.

It was great to see the preservation of many of the original buildings.

Love the detail of the embellishments.

And then of course, we have modern times and all that we have to offer to add culture to a community.

St. Elmo has been an establishment since 1902 according to the sign but the neon part came later!

A young artist sits by his work, hoping someone will stop by and appreciate his work.

Interesting detail in his work.

Many original buildings are being used for other purposes today. At this shop you can buy art and get it framed.

In the past 60 +/- years this town has been especially appreciated by artists, hippies and the free spirits of this world.

The "Whyld Ass Coffee Shop" has the above sign over the screen door. As I snapped my photo of his sign the proprietor smiled and waved. The sign says a lot for the culture and politics of the town.

This sweet kitty made friendly until her owner called.

I don't know who is measuring but everybody wants their moment in the sun.

We appreciated the quality of the original architecture. You know somebody lived in that town that really cared to produce good work.

The dry heat probably helps keep the details from rotting and crumbling, and the fact that they used a lot of brick.

Great jail house.

In what appeared to be a deserted building I looked in the window and saw this mask hanging right by the front window. Not sure who this is supposed to be but it does set you back to see this free floating head.

You can imagine these buildings with horses and buggies, wooden sidewalks, fancy ladies, cowboys and miners making the street come to life.

As we got back to the car Sherwin stopped by a dying agave to take a photo of the aging blossoms at the top. I focused on the base, loving the colours and textures.

We spent very little time in Bisbee and I am sure there is much more to see. 

We did not climb the 1000 plus steps in the town to get from street to street. 

We did not see a sample of 'Bisbee Blue', a specific turquoise indicative to this town. 

We did not eat there or go to one of their concerts. Or take a mine tour.

So, you see, we are waiting for you to come and then we will make a return visit.

In the meantime, be well.

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  1. I loved your good luck rabbit foot. You are still a little girl at heart... bringing home your treasures, excited with your find.

    I love it! That is what keeps you young.