Friday, February 27, 2015

A Day at the Museum . .

We love to take our guests out west to Saguaro National Park West and the Desert Museum. Twice in February we had opportunity to take family and show them these favourites.

We took Marilyn on February 7 and Shelby, Kim, Maizy and Lucy on the 21st.

We started off at the Visitor Centre at Saguaro National Park West where we showed off the lovely building there and of course, the gorgeous saguaros.

Some bird loves to build nests in the arm crooks of the saguaros. Would love to be tall enough to peek in.

What a guy! I have photos from all over the world, of my honey, raring to go!! And of course I do enjoy every crested saguaro I can find. This was one specimen that Marilyn spotted. We were in the car heading to the Museum when she drew our attention to this desert wonder.

We were happy to add another specimen to our repertoire.

Near the entrance I found this Totem Pole Cactus that had such interesting lighting. 

They do talk about butterflies and moths with signage but this is the first one I have actually captured.

We do not walk past the hummingbird house and never cease to be amazed at these tiny birds. They are challenging to capture on the camera, though.

Tragically, what is true in much of the wild world, the males are the colourful ones. And the girls play their role of protection of the young. That is a noble cause but I wonder if once in a while the females in the wilds don't wish for a flashy feather or two!

We enjoy the small art gallery that changes every few months. There is excellent art and sculpture displayed but this past visit the above watercolour was my favourite. 

And of course I cannot ignore my happy javelina!  

This is the first visit where we have actually seen the tortoise at the entrance to his den. On past visits we have gotten down and peered and imagined we saw him hiding way inside but this time he was right there enjoying the warm sunshine.

In the past we have enjoyed the large male bighorn sheep but he wasn't up to his usual show-off stance. Instead there was this little one trying to keep his balance on a slippery vertical rock face. Marilyn talked soothingly to him and I think he heard her... he stayed upright! If you will look closely you will see his front right leg trembling!

"I've been through the desert 
on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain.
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain."
- Dewey Bunnell

Come on down for a visit and we will take you exploring. We have a good variety of ways to entertain you and if you want to just rest, we can let you do that too.

Wishing you a lovely week end and above all, be well.


  1. Pa's "running" pose looks like it's straight from a petroglyph -- do you see Pa here?

    1. You are right. He does look like a petroglyph! :)