Monday, April 13, 2015

Still Walking. . .

We are home, safe and sound, looking each day for new places to walk.

But I will share some 'snaps' with you of our journey from the last blog post on towards home.

No, these blossoms are not here at our house but enjoyed on a walk en route.

As were Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. Are they not a handsome couple?

And Mr. Blaise, enjoying a spring day on his bicycle.

We journeyed north, checking out past haunts. . .

We looked down on a site that used to be our home. Those evergreens at the front of that yard are the same trees that I planted 30 years ago in front of our favourite house from the past.

Old photo of the same location. We sold it many years ago to a couple who in turn sold it to
developers who are changing the 20 acres into another subdivision.

Above photo shows you that spring is even later once we were in Canada. The air is different than AZ, that is for sure.

We chose the route we did to help Mother celebrate her 96th birthday and visit sister Bobbi. Mother insisted on no party but those of us who came anyway took turns spending a few hours with her.

And to keep our bodies limber we found walking trails. This trail ran along a creek where I remember enjoying an eventful canoe trip with Sherwin, Shelby and Sherilee. This time of year the water in this creek is high, fast and COLD. I know because I ended up in it!

Looks like the beavers like this area too.

After leaving the Okanagan, Bobbi and Mother we finally pointed the car towards the coast of British Columbia, actually getting serious about home.

Sherwin's sister and brother-in-law joined us for a walk to get the crinks out of our bodies. It is difficult to sit long hours with no activity so we were thankful for this walk in the woods. You can see by the forest growth that we are in damp, cool country.

Many trees are slowly starting to bud.

Morian pointed out that we had just walked a portion of the Trans-Canada Trail. Must get a map and start marking where that I have completed my first segment (passage).

As you can see in this picture we are finally at the coast. Water is in the very slim foreground with cranes for loading freighters off to the right of the ferry terminal. A very cool coastal sky welcomed us.

Ah, home again! Next morning, by the light of day, it was a delight to see we do have some blossoms here too.

This rhododendron is called "Bliss" and is one of my favourites. This particular bush was planted 12 years ago when we first moved to our island home and it just refused to bloom until last year so you know I am delighted to see it blooming even better this year.

Around every corner you can see something showing off for me, welcoming me to my gardens.

This photo doesn't show it but when I peeked closely I could see fresh material in the house in the Japanese maple tree just outside the front door.

And so we are home again. We do miss the warmth of our friends and neighbours in Arizona but we love this spot, looking forward to a great summer of creativity.

You all have a great April.
Stay in touch and be well.


  1. Great pictures! I do love that rhodie too!

    1. Thanks, Babe! Isn't that an exquisite colour? My favourite.