Friday, April 3, 2015

Walking Home!

The last book I read before leaving our AZ home was "Walking Home" by Sonia Choquette. If you are feeling the need for some heart searching/mind clearing/soul cleansing you may want to take a walk, a long walk. Sonia hiked the pilgrim's trail, by herself, through the Pyrenees, The Camino de Santiago. 

Click here to see the various routes you can hike to complete a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostelo where you will see the tomb of St. James.

This book was inspirational for more than the 'internal housekeeping' possible on such a hike. It was an inspiring story of a woman who hadn't been a hiker in her life but out of desperation decided she needed this 'walk'.

It was a beautiful read, good for your heart and soul. And somewhat symbolic of our trip going home to Canada.

It soon became evident that our road trip was becoming one great walk after another.

We started Day 2 at Bryce Canyon in Utah...

notice the winding trail that goes down and down.

Wild Man poses for me on the trail.

It was very interesting to hear a variety of languages and see people from all over the world in that one little spot on the map.

If you will looking closely to the right hand side of the photo above you will see some trail we had covered a couple hours earlier. It was such a great hiking experience. Not to be missed if at all possible.

Click here to read Sherwin's story about our hike on his blog.

As we began Day 3, I explained to Sherwin that once I know I am within hours of my children there is this huge magnet that grips my heart and spurs me on. I just want to see their faces and exchange hugs with them all. I cannot get there fast enough.

But I knew we had to stop to get some walking in somewhere so while I was passenger I scanned the map book and found a possibility near Baker City, Oregon!

We arrived there shortly before they were to close the gates at 4 p.m. so knew we had to hurry to see as much as possible and get our legs happy again.

We looked out over the view and hit the trails. I was not able to go quickly enough to cover it all but Sherwin did get all the way down to the reason for this Center, the ruts in the trails made by thousands of wagons bringing pioneers over the Oregon Trail.

Looking back up the hill you see The Interpretive Center from a number of angles. It sits on a high bluff overlooking a great valley. The pioneers must have been delighted when they came upon this part of their journey.

We did not have time to view the displays, read any of the information or see any of their movies because of their gate closing at 4. Besides my 'magnetic heart' was working overtime by now and it was time to be off to the kids.

We will definitely return because The Oregon Trail has always held a fond place in my heart after reading a number of books about it as a child/early teen.

While our kids all went of to work or school the next day we cast our eyes about for a trail to hit in the Walla Walla Valley. Our daughter suggested Bennington Lake so we were off and walking again.

This area is one of the prettiest, every season bringing something to delight the eyes. We just stepped out of the car and were met with the amazing smell of blossoms.

This trail system circles a little man made lake with over 20 miles of walking trails to keep your legs working. We understand that just a few weeks ago this little lake was nothing more than a large mud puddle but they have let in more water from the dam above to start to fill it up for summer enjoyment.

It doesn't take much to make the people come out to start playing about in the water.

We loved the views around us of the glorious hills that surround Walla Walla.

And if you have followed me over the years you know I have difficulty not 'shooting' blossoms!

When we got to the dam area we found we could walk across. As I made my way through the shallow water I didn't let the icy water deter me from shooting these horses and riders as they passed by.

I turned around and saw Sherwin had finally rolled up his trousers and made the plunge too. Only the first few steps were exhilaratingly chilly!

One day was not enough to cover all the trails so we came back to Bennington Lake the next day for more.

So far, so good. We are in Canada now and back to business but we will not let a day go by without finding some trail somewhere to keep our hearts and our legs happy.

Keep reading.
Keep moving and above all else, be well.


  1. Great pictures. I especially love the one of "Wild Man" Sherwin! :-D

  2. Beautiful! So nice to stop and "smell the roses" along the way.